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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Book Day Wednesday - A New Way to Dance

I have several new books this week, so  thought I'd split them out into their own posts.

First off is my newest self-pub. This one is a novel and is set in Ottawa! And I love the cover. There's a short excerpt here (there's a longer one on the Evil Plot Bunny link for the book) and I will do a smutty one on Saturday :)

A New Way to Dance

Dancer Seth Avery has it all. He’s at the top of his game as a dancer and he’s in love with famous dance director Fayden DelMonaco, the man who is his sub. Seth’s whole world is turned upside down when Fayden dumps him in the nastiest and most public way possible. To compound matters, he’s in near fatal car crash shortly thereafter that leaves him severely injured.

Brook Turner is an ex-lawyer turned micro-brewer, baby-brother of Seth’s best friend Lizzie. The two met briefly before Seth’s accident, but it’s when they meet again six years later that they get a chance to act on the attraction they’d initially felt.

With Brook’s help, Seth begins to heal not only from his residual physical injuries, but also from the emotional ones inflicted by Fayden. Will it be enough to keep the two of them together?

Join Seth and Brooke as they find a new way to dance together.

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Seth woke up confused, warm and snuggled into another body. He didn’t sleep with other people.

The warm hand on his hip patted gently.

Oh. Oh, Brook. That had been… an amazing evening.

That pat came again. “Shh. Sleeping.”

“Sleeping.” He hummed and tried to decide whether to curl in or get up. Brook was so warm.

“No thinking. It’s too early.”

He chuckled at that and went for curl in and snuggle. The freezing rain was still falling; he could hear it.

Brook threw a leg over him. The pressure and heat felt amazing and he was sleeping again.

He woke up the second time to the sensation of warm suction on his right nipple, making it ache.

“Thought we were sleeping?”

“Slept a long time; got hungry.”

Seth chuckled. “Am I tasty?”

“Very.” Brook sounded happy, satisfied.

He hadn’t woken up like this… ever.

Brook rolled them together, his prick rubbing.

He reached down, stroking Brook’s fine shaft with one fingertip, petting the thin skin.

Groaning around his nipple, Brook pushed into his touch.

It was still dark, even though it had to be morning, and he took advantage of the quiet, the gloom, just touching.

“Been too long since I woke up with someone in my bed.”

“Mmmhmm.” Years. It had been years for him.

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