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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday - T-shirts

I love t-shirts. It's what I wear the most (yay for working from home) and as I get older, being comfortable becomes more and more important.

The things I look for in a t-shirt are comfort, which includes softness and a wide enough neckline that I don't feel constricted. Then comes what's on it, color, pattern, etc. So here's my top ten t-shirts list:

10 -  Making the list in the number 10 spot is an Old Navy t-shirt from 2014. I know that's when it's from because it has the year on it. It's red and has the Canadian flag on it - it was being sold for Canada day.

9 - I have two star wars t-shirts that are super soft, thin and cool for the summer. One has R2D2 on it, the other has a stormtrooper helmet.

8 - My white Coastal Magic t-shirt from last year is really soft and comfy.

7 - This is a brand new one - got it just before Christmas. It's dark red, really soft right out of the box, and says Keep Calm, Christmas is Coming on it.

6 -  I have a shirt that is purple and beige and has Santa Fe, land of enchantment on it.

5 - I have this t-shirt I bought in New Zealand. It's got a map of the southern hemisphere, with the counties only outlined, except for New Zealand which is filled in with green. Only the map is upside down from what we're used to in the northern hemisphere - the south pole is at the top. It's says New Zealand on top and Down Under on the bottom. This one is over twenty-five years old and so very comfy, but not at all threadbare.

4 - This favorite is black and it has "Tyranoseahorserex" on it - there's a dino with a tyrannosaurus upper body, including tiny arms, and a the body of a seahorse.

3 - This t-shirt is also black and has two dinosaurs on it, and one dino is saying "dude, did you just eat the last unicorn?" and the second dino is saying "no." but he has rainbow colors all over his mouth and there's a rainbow puddle and a unicorn horn on the ground in front of him.

2 - Almost my favorite but not quite inching out #1 is the t-shirt that Kiernan Kelly sent me. It's set up like a Christmas t-shirt, but instead of elves or Santa or anything, it has a pair of polar bears butt-fucking on it. I love it!

1 - My David Bowie Glass Spider Tour t-shirt. I don't wear this one anymore, it's see-through and so thin I'm sure it'll disintegrate if I wash it too many more times It is after all 33 years old. But this one has always been butter soft and is super comfortable and come on, it's David Bowie!

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  1. OH wow, you're number one sounds awesome! A real collector's item :D

  2. Not about t-shirts (although I agree with you about them)...but your new Dragon book, which you have as your backdrop. When and Where will it be available? I had it on my 'to buy' list as January 30th but didn't know where I might be able to buy it. I hope it will not be Amazon only; I like to own my books, not have them in the cloud somewhere, especially with the ARe mess recently. Thx!