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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Author Spotlight - Leona Windwalker

In the Author Spotlight today is Leona Windwalker, answering a baker's dozen questions and sharing her book Accused with us.

1. Accused is Sci-Fi - is that your preferred genre to write in? 

I do love a good sci fi. It's probably my favourite genre to read, followed by fantasy/paranormal themed stories, but is it my favourite to write? That's a tough question to answer. The reason is probably going to sound a bit odd. You see, my writing process is not what most would assume. First off, I don't consciously decide to write a story and then figure out the opening scene and go from there. What happens instead is the very beginning of a book suddenly whispers to me. I mean that quite literally, the exact words, dialogue and all. I have to run to go get them down. Afterwards, when I sit to write, I just open my document, reread the last several paragraphs, and then put my fingers to the keyboard. It all simply comes out, until the words run dry. I myself don't know what happens next consciously, until I've written it. Kind of the ultimate pantser method, right? So, I can't say if it is my favourite to write, because well, they actually write themselves pretty much. I can say I enjoy reading the story as it appears, though, and as sci fi is my favourite genre, I suppose writing it must be too.

2. Sunrise or sunset?

Sunset, especially over water.

3. How many Talani does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Well, if they are on a space station, it'd take one to take the report that a replacement lightbulb was needed. Then it would take a supply officer to authorize the issuing of said bulb. Then it'd take a clerk to verify a lightbulb was indeed in stock, and let Engineering know the part was available and that there was a work order for a light bulb replacement. It'd take a chief engineer to read the work order and assign a tech and a non-Talani Volunteer to go tend to the matter. Another clerk to issue the tech the light bulb. Finally, the tech would go the designated level, and check that the bulb wasn't out due to a technical fault that needed repair before installing said bulb. If it's fine to install the bulb, he has the non-Talani Volunteer hold the ladder while he replaces the bulb. So, in total, six, at minimum.

4. What's your favorite timewaster?

My opening the Sims is a sure-fire way for the entire day to disappear. That and a good anime series.

5. Black and white or all the colors of the rainbow?

Black and white.

6. How long did it take you to write your first draft of Accused?

Three months.

7. What Sci-Fi writer has influenced you the most?

Oh man... I'd have to say Heinlein, Asimov, C.J. Cherryh, David Gerrold, D.C. Fontana, Andre Norton, and Anne MacCaffrey really had a strong impact on my reading habits. Hopefully some of their mojo has instilled itself.

8. What's your writing space like?

I write primarily in two places at home. One is propped up in my bed. The second is downstairs in the living room, in my Poang with my favourite fleece blanket. Whichever of the two places I am at, I have a table next to me, with coffee, snacks, and at least one cat plus our dog with me. I'll also usually have on my headphones and be listening to music while I do my automatic writing schtick on my Macbook.

9. Is there smut in your book and do you enjoy writing it?

Haha, yes, this book gets rather kinky actually. Do I enjoy writing it? ::giggle:: yes, but I'm always shocked when I look at what I wrote in that regard. Especially this time, as I've not ever written anything near that kinky and explicit before.

10. Beach or snowy mountain top? 

Beach. Definitely the beach, and it should be a sandy one.

11. Did you make a new year's resolution this year? 

No. I never make those.

12. What is your favorite thing about Accused? 

I think what I enjoyed most about Accused is watching Matty come to grips with being thrust into an alien environment. Sure, he knew the aliens existed, but they were either on TV or at the Embassy, so sort of a vague notion of them being real in any personally meaningful way. He gets quite the rude awakening, with everything from the law to new foods, to coming to grips with alien cultures and even biological surprises he encounters.

13. Can you share a tantalizing few lines from Accused? 

I certainly can. Here you go:


Matthias Reynolds loves his life. He's starting to make it as a graphic artist at last and has a job he really likes at a local café that pays the bills. When a night out clubbing leads to an awkward morning after, he's embarrassed and more than ready to forget  all about it. When Talani Enforcers show up at the café, he doesn't know what to make of it all as he's led away in restraints.

Standing accused of crimes he struggles to understand, he finds he has an unexpected champion: the Talani warrior and war hero J'nah Quislin. J'nah knows that Matty is his. All J'nah has to do is keep Matty safe from those who engineered Matty's charges and sentencing. That, and get Matty to accept that universe always intended them to be together as one. All it requires is for Matty to return J'nah's devotion and offer his willing submission. Can Matty do it, with all that it will mean for his future?

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Author Bio:

Leona is a longtime staunch supporter of human rights and environmental causes. Her favourite genre to read is M/M fiction and she particularly enjoys science fiction, fantasy, and action/suspense sub-genres—especially if they have a nice seasoning of romance. She has far too many books on her Kindle, has overloaded her phone with even more and, when not reading, writing, being driven to distraction by her children, or being overlorded by her three cats, can be found trying to locate the portal that the sock monster uses to steal socks from her dryer.

Recent head-reeling news for her included her novel Jared:Urban Wolves #1 being nominated for an Indie Award from Metamorph and placing as a finalist in the 2016 Rainbow Awards, earning an Honorable Mention. She's still suspicious that it's all been a dream, but as long as her readers are happy and she can find at least one of the missing socks, she's happy.

You’ll find her books on Amazon (universal link is, including on Kindle Unlimited. You’ll also find her on Facebook at Leona Windwalker, where you can keep up on news regarding current, new, and upcoming releases.

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