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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Smutterday - Love in an Elevator

This one went out of print sometime in 2015 and now I've self-pubbed it! I have to admit that every time I see or type in the title, I think of the Aerosmith song and hear the line "going down" in my head and it makes me grin.

Scott Johnson is a free-lance photographer who likes to take pictures, watch movies, and play. On a job he meets business executive Josh Silvers. Josh is a force to be reckoned with, tall, and self-confident, he seems to be able to reach right into Scott’s psyche and give him exactly what he needs.

The only problem is that Scott doesn’t take orders, while Josh seems awfully fond of giving them. Still, despite his occasional protests, Scott seems to be following them just fine. For now. Will that change if Josh goes further than Scott wants to? Or does Josh really know him better than he knows himself.

Check out this Sean Michael classic to find out!

This book has been previously published – the publisher has changed.

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Smutty Excerpt:

Scott's place was small and there was photography and computer equipment everywhere. Josh wasn't really checking the place out, though, he was far more interested in the man himself. Sweet and hot, with a killer mouth and an even better ass that Josh planned to be buried in as soon as possible.

"Nice," he said. "Where's the bed?"

"I have a futon. Does that count?"

"It'll do." He grinned and tugged Scott over to him, laying a hard kiss on Scott's lips, tongue pushing in, letting Scott know exactly what he wanted. Scott moaned, the sound surprised, then that hot little tongue started pushing back, challenging him. He chuckled into the kiss, tongue twisting around Scott's, keeping control of the kiss, deepening it.

Fuck, Scott was pretty, dark hair and bright eyes rimmed with black eyelashes. Everything about the kid made him hard for it. A low groan split the air, Scott opening for him.

Oh, perfect. Scott's mouth tasted of beer and the food they'd eaten. And of something sweet below all that. It made a sound rumble in his chest and his hands slid down along Scott's back, landing on that fine ass and tugging him closer. A nice hard prick nuzzled up against his hip, just rubbing away, giving him a good feel of it.


He came up for air, one arm staying behind Scott's back the other sliding on one flushed cheek. "Where's that futon of yours, Scott?"

"Under the window. See all the pillows?" Oh, he liked that, the breathlessness, the gasps.

He nodded. He did see. It looked nice and inviting, a little oasis of soft and horizontal in all the mess of equipment. His eyes mapped out a path and then he was kissing Scott again, pulling those sweet little gasps into his mouth as he started to move them toward the futon.

Scott moaned, moving along with him, hands around his waist, almost fluttering.

He stopped moving once they were beside the futon, but kept kissing, pulling out sweet sound after sweet sound from Scott. He got hold of one of Scott's hands and brought it up to the buttons on his shirt. His own hands pushed Scott's jacket off, hearing it fall to the floor before he tugged the kid's t-shirt out of his jeans. Scott followed directions well, working his buttons open.

He hummed happily, tugging Scott's t-shirt up and off, hands sliding on all that warm, smooth flesh. Mmm... tiny little dark nipples, broad shoulders tapering into a sweet, tight ass. Yummy. Scott got his shirt open, fingers on his chest, his belly.

He moaned, his own fingers going straight for those little nipples, pinching them into hardness. "That's it, Scott, touch me. I know you want to." He was in good shape, worked out most lunch and evenings at the executive gym at work, so his muscles were nice, defined.

"You're fine. Who wouldn't want you?" Scott's eyes went wide when he pinched those nipples, cheeks flushing.

"Exactly." He bent and licked at Scott's lips, pinching again, loving the reaction.

Scott shivered, pulled away before pushing back into the touches. "Damn."

"Sweet," he murmured, hands leaving those now peaked little nipples to undo the button on Scott's jeans. Then, slowly, he pulled the zipper down.

Oh, fuck. No underwear, no pubes, just smooth dark skin and a heavy, full cock begging for his touch. Fucking sweet. He explored the smooth skin around Scott's cock first, and then the full balls, cupping them, thumb sliding along the base of Scott's cock.

Hot. Silk and velvet.

"Mmm... I. I wax them. Love how it looks."

"Feels amazing, Scott. What about back here?" he asked, fingers of his other hand sliding down the back of Scott's jeans, searching out his crack. Scott blushed dark, ducked his head as Josh’s fingers found smooth, smooth, soft skin. "Fuck, yes. Oh, Scott, I was hoping you'd be special." He turned his face to Scott's neck, nibbling, licking, fingers sliding on all that smooth skin. Damn. Just damn.

Scott's hands slid down his spine, nails scraping a little, scratching. He liked that little bit of wildfire, it urged him on, made him growl a little, finger pushing into Scott's body.

"Uhn..." Scott jerked, just starting to hump against him, rocking into him. Hot for it. He liked that, too.

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