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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Smutterday - Velvet Quartet

Velvet Quartet

When his mam gets sick, Bene D’Ami’s brother Malif sells his services to two different men to earn the money they need to make her better. When both of Malif’s markers are called in at the same time, Bene must step in and fulfill one of the contracts. He arrives at the Velvet Glove an innocent who would rather still be in university with his books than at the pleasure club.

For his part, Master Dumont Westingcoat just wants to have a boy who will pleasure him and who he can whip on a regular basis. He’s shocked and somewhat dismayed when he discovers that his new boy is actually completely untried, and not the experienced lifetime sub he’s paid for. How can he continue on knowing he’s been duped?

Two men come into their lives to help build a bridge between Dumont and Bene. Tupo is a Glove submissive who is happy to serve. He comes to live with Bene and Dumont until he has taught Bene all he needs to know to be the consummate sub. Meanwhile, Dumont turns to his neighbor, fellow master, Gregori, for companionship and advice.

Can these four men become something more than two masters and two subs who must figure out how to work together? Find out in the newest addition to the Velvet Glove world.

Velvet Quartet is available at Amazon.

Smutty Excerpt:

They slipped into a room, Greg closing the door behind them. Dumont leaned against the wall, sipping at his drink and watching his fellow Dom.

“Are you the kind of man who enjoys men of strength? Friends who have needs?” Greg asked.

“Why don’t you kiss me and we’ll find out.”

Greg took another sip of his drink, then curled one hand around Dumont’s nape and drew him closer into a slow, sensuous kiss.

He opened to it, allowed Greg in, letting the man lead. For now.

The kiss was electric, shooting down his spine and settling in his balls. Greg wasn’t pushy, wasn’t aggressive, but he absolutely didn’t shy away from their connection.

Dumont slid his hand along Greg’s arm, up to his shoulder, then wrapped his hand around the back of Greg’s neck. Every touch was heavy with sensation.

They kissed one another, meeting as equals, their passion building steadily as they explored. The electricity in their touch continued, each new stroke of fingers making him feel alive inside. He’d never experienced anything like it. Oh, he’d had chemistry with lovers before, but never as strong as this.

They shifted as one, Greg leaning against him so they could meet, full-bodied. He gasped, the sensation of the heavy body on his own different, surprising, intoxicating. Delicious.


He ran his hands along Greg’s back, the silk shirt not hiding any of the shapes of his muscles and spine and they fascinated his fingers.

“Mmm. Very nice,” Greg noted softly.

He smiled against Greg’s lips.

“I’ve never made out with a man as large as you.” He’d been with many twinks, no one with muscles and strength and so much confidence.

“No?” Greg smiled. “I like to share pleasure with strong men.”

That raised so many questions, but Dumont found himself far more interested in continuing their explorations than asking them. There would be time for talking later.

He brought their mouths back together as he considered heading for the couch in the middle of the room. Greg took the glass from his hand and inclined his chin toward the couch. “Shall we?”

“Yes.” He followed Greg to the couch, smiling as the man put down their cocktails on the side table. He reached out and touched Greg’s hand, tugging him down.

“Hello, neighbor.” Greg’s smile was purely wicked. Hungry.

It made him wonder why they’d never done this before. “Hello…” Their gazes held for a long moment, and then he pushed their lips together, kissing Greg again. This time he had control of it.

Possibly because they had been busy, because he had been unhappy, because…

Greg held him, the connection solid, firm, confident. He still found that fascinating, and he leaned back a little, letting Greg hold him, keep him upright.

He ran one hand up along Greg’s stacked chest, squeezing one firm pectoral. Delicious. His cock was responding nicely to their touching and kissing, hardening right up.

Greg opened their pants, then gathered their cocks together in one hand. “This is good.”

It wasn’t a question.

“It is.” He wrapped his hand around Greg’s.

“Perfect.” They found a rhythm after a few strokes, and the pleasure made his eyes cross.

He brought their mouths back together again, wanting that lovely sensation too. They managed the kiss more easily, trading opportunities to explore, to press in. He grabbed hold of Greg’s tongue and sucked on it gently, and Greg squeezed their cocks.

He was going to come. Just from kisses and a hand job. He couldn’t remember the last time that had happened. He thought he liked it. A lot.

And it most definitely wasn’t boring.

He pushed into the kiss, pressed their torsos together, and enjoyed every second of their make-out session. He didn’t want to come too fast because he was getting off on this.

Greg hummed, backed off a bit and nibbled his bottom lip, then pushed back in to deepen the kiss. He liked it, and he slid his tongue along Greg’s, a full participant in the kiss. He felt a little buzzed—okay, more than a little, if he was honest.

It wasn’t the drink, though, he was pretty sure it wasn’t at least. This was a purely down to the chemistry between him and Greg.

He hadn’t met another Dominant that made him feel this way, not ever. He pressed their bodies together, enjoying the feeling of Greg’s muscles, not to mention the heavy ridge of that impressive dick.

He let go of their cocks in favor of sliding his fingers down to cup Greg’s balls.

“Oh.” Greg jumped, then chuckled.

He laughed too, cupping and rolling Greg’s testicles.

“That’s nice. I like the heat. Not too much pressure.”

Dumont chuckled. “Directing the scene, Greg?”

“Sharing information with my new lover.”

“That works. You’re my first non-sub lover.” He wasn’t used to being equals with his bedmates.

“It’s easier in ways. We can just touch and explore, no pressure.”

“Just the pressure to come.” But that was a different matter altogether.

“That’s a joy, though.” Greg cupped his ass, squeezed it.

Groaning, he pressed back into Greg’s hand. That easy strength was intoxicating, he had to admit. More than that, there was an innate respect for him as another Dom. It felt surprisingly arousing.

They pushed up against each other, and he fanned his hand out over Greg’s pec, continuing to play with Greg’s large balls with his other hand.

Greg squeezed his ass convulsively, fingertips digging in. Dumont enjoyed the sensations and the thought he might have bruises in the morning. Souvenirs. Reminders of a lovely evening.

Their kisses grew teeth, became more passionate as their touches drew them closer to orgasm. Greg was deliciously vocal, grunting and groaning, not holding anything back. He offered his own sounds in return, his body alight, Greg like a flame he couldn’t stay away from.

They shot within seconds of one another, close enough that he wasn’t sure who went first. The pleasure moved through him like waves and he rested against Greg’s ample chest.

“Mmm. That was lovely. Thank you.” Greg’s voice rumbled in the wide chest, vibrating against him.

“It was. And I should be thanking you.” He was utterly melted.

“Okay. We can thank each other. It works for me.”

He stretched, rubbing all along Greg’s body. Usually he was one to get dressed and head off after sex, but today he was finding himself loathe to leave, to end their connection.

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  1. Sounds like a great book is it available anywhere besides Amazon?

    1. not now - but hopefully by Tuesday it will be - look for a big announcement this coming week

  2. I loved this book! Can't wait to hear the big announcement--hope it means awesome tidings for you!!