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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday - Spices

There are so many spices in the world and I have to admit that while I like different flavors, and I like spicy, I am a spicy light person. That is, that the hot gets me pretty quickly ;)

Top Ten Spices

10. Salt - this is the universal spice, right? And it brings out the flavor of everything.
9. Pepper - I don't need a lot of pepper on my food, but sometimes a little is just perfect
8. Saffron - it might be the most expensive spice, but it's yummy - I like it to enhance gentle flavors
7. Chilli - not too much, but this really spices things up
6. Ginger - this is a savory and sweet spice - I actually prefer it in savory dishes
5. Cilantro - I do love Mexican and South American foods and this is a big part of it
4. Thyme - goes in my favorite soup - French Canadian Pea Soup
3. Chipotle - not as hot as 'regular' chili, I like this one better
2. Garlic - I love garlic. It can go on anything savory!
1. Cinnamon! Gotta love it - it goes into both savory and sweet things and it makes many dishes more yummy - cinnamon buns! fruit crisps! etc.

Now I'm hungry!

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1 comment:

  1. I have to admit I haven't ever used Saffron and very rarely used Chipotle (I'd love to use it, just need recipes for it..)

    And I have to admit...I can't stand Cilantro. I'm one of those people that cannot stand the taste of it. It doesn't taste like soap to me, but UGH I just can't stand it - BLEEECHHHH /o\

    I LOVE garlic - like there cannot be too much garlic :D