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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Smutty Advent - Day 11

Trey and Lucien are from Size Matters -- and they have a follow-up novel coming in early 2015!

Trey listened to Lucien struggle with Christmas decorations. There was a lot of cursing involved in Christmas trees, apparently.

"The damn tree branches don't want to straighten out. I thought getting a fake tree was supposed to be so much easier than a real one."

Trey just stayed in his chair. At least it didn't smell bad...

"I'm sorry," Lucien apologized. "This was supposed to be a quick thing."

"Are you having fun?"

"Not particularly." Lucien sighed.

"Then let's do something else." What did he know about the trappings of Christmas? A pine scented candle and a few cookies and he was good.

"Are you sure? I wanted to give you..." Lucien's voice faded away, then he chuckled. "God, I'm an idiot. Of course you don't need a fake tree and decorations for it to feel like Christmas. What would make it feel like Christmas for you?"

"Cookies. Music. I like the stinky candles."

"That all sounds so much easier." Lucien sat on the floor at his feet, leaning against his legs. "I think we should make love before we worry about any more decorating, though. I found this candy-cane shaped dildo..."

"It...there's a hook?" He felt his eyes go wide.

"I'm not telling -- you're just going to have to find out for yourself." Lucien sounded extra naughty.

"Santa is going to have you on his list, you know?"

"I sure hope so. I have plans for that lump of coal!"

Oh God, his poor ass. He couldn't wait.

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  1. You made my morning! Thank you!

  2. I do so love this story! I hope we get more possibly of their life? Pretty please! - Alisa

  3. A hook on a candy cane ... hee hee. Love it!

  4. the stories. Thanks so much