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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Underground: Special Teams links and not work safe excerpt

As promised here are the links to Underground: Special Teams along with an excerpt (of the naughty variety).

Torquere link
Amazon link
All Romance Ebook link

Excerpt (not work safe)

When Keifer grabbed the pull-up bar and started doing leg lifts, Hunt considered just dying of pure need. This noise came out of him, his prick pushing hard at his underwear.

"You okay, man?"

He debated for half a second, then decided there was no reason to hide his reaction to Keifer. "Yeah, just really fucking turned on."

Keifer chuckled softly. "Perv."

"You would be, too, if you saw the view from where I'm sitting."

Keif dangled, swaying from the bar. "Not in bad shape, hrm?"

"You're a fucking stud and you know it."

"Yeah. I work hard." Keifer eased himself down onto his feet, skin glistening.

"Well, it's sexy as hell." Standing, he went to Keifer and touched the tempting skin.

The tiny nipples were a bit bruised from the clamps from last night, still swollen. Hunter slid his fingers over them; they were hotter than the rest of Keifer's skin.

"No touching." Keif's reactions didn't match the words, though.

"How are we going to achieve the orgasms portion of the plan without touching?" He dragged his fingers down over Keif's magnificent abs.

He watched as Keif arched, eyes closing. "Who said we were sharing?"

That one was easy. "Your body. Just now."

"Paying attention," muttered Keif.

Like Hunter was having to work at that. "To every move you make."

Hunt stepped forward, his bare belly touching Keif's. Oh, hot. Groaning, he put his fingers beneath Keif's chin and tilted it, taking a kiss. He didn't bother to ask it Keif kissed or not, because, goddamn it, this man deserved kisses.

His lips pressed against Keif's, his tongue pushing in, demanding to be let in. It surprised him when Keif kissed him back, fought for control of their kiss. He didn't let Keif take it, though, his tongue pushing into Keif's mouth. Keif tasted of mint and salt and a hint of desperation.

Sliding his hand down, Hunter grabbed Keif's ass. Keifer reached between them, dragging Hunter's tightie-whities down with a jerk. He returned the favor, tugging down Keif's sweats, and their cocks bounced, almost slapping together.

Hunter chuckled roughly. "Eager."

"You complaining?"

"I meant both of us, Keif."

The little hint of surprise that flashed through Keif's eyes proved his words hit home.

Bringing their mouths back together, he kissed Keif again, rubbing their bodies. Keif whimpered softly, the sound of male hunger ringing out. Groaning, he grabbed hold of Keif's tongue with his lips, sucking on it, and this time the whimpers filled his mouth.

Someone needed, big time. His fingers dug in, hard enough to leave bruises, and he pushed Keif back up to the wall.

Their bodies found a rhythm, strong and steady. The thump of Keif's ass against the wall was addictive. Keifer was making him work for it, fighting every second almost happily. Hunt fought back, though, keeping in control and giving them both what they needed.

He bit Keifer's bottom lip, tugging it hard. His hips slammed them together at the same time, and he pinched at one sensitized nipple. Keif's eyes went wide, the look fiery. Oh, yeah.

His new lover needed a lot to get him out of his own head, Hunt could tell. Which was why Keif went to these events and made people do stuff to him. Without the aftercare, though, without a master to be there more than just occasionally, Hunt didn't believe Keifer was getting nearly what he needed.

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