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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Steamy Saturday

That seems to go well together, doesn't it? Steamy and Saturday? I'll post a steamy excerpt, sometimes from an older book, sometimes from a new release and sometimes from a work in progress.

Today's excerpt is from Bruised, currently available for early download at Totally Bound.

The flirtation:

The chili was good, the beer cold. The cobbler was promising to be perfect and the company?

Fucking hot.

Johnson was fine, nice eyes, great voice. They had started swapping horror stories from their childhoods—his own fights with his older brother, being the only boy cheerleader in a fifty-mile radius, Johnson’s most hated teacher, pranks he’d pulled.

It was fun, relaxing. A hell of a lot better than singing along with the jukebox and reading depositions.

Carol brought over the cobbler ’n’ ice cream and Johnson gave him that sexy grin again. “Now for the real test.”

He arched an eyebrow, licked his lips. “Yeah?” He waited to see what Johnson said, to see where the flirtation would go.

“Cobbler versus sex. That’s quite the challenge.”

“Hmm.” He scooped up a spoonful, balancing the pastry and cream, and held it out. “Open up, tell me what you think.”

Johnson gave him a slow, easy smile and leaned forward, mouth opening. Oh, now that was sexy as fuck. He fed Johnson the bite, watching as the hot-cold sweet hit Johnson’s tongue. The man’s eyes closed, a soft moan sounding, the whole experience sensual as hell.

Johnson took his time, savoring the bite, licking his lips. When his eyes opened, he gave Billy another smile. “Oh, now that was good. Of course, there’s only one way to make a true comparison.” Johnson’s voice was low, gravelly.

“Yeah? How’s that?” Oh, sweet fuck, he was hard as a frigging board and so ready to play.

“Have sex, of course.” Johnson winked at him, that smile firmly in place, invitation in the almost-green eyes.

“Do you kiss on the first date?” Hell, do you put out? How do you feel about nice hard fucks? Down, Billy. Up-and-coming lawyers do not go to bed with mechanics after beer and chili. Don’t. Just…

Well, they might.


Okay, he would—he was bad that way. He had a lot of his daddy in him.

What the flirtation eventually leads to:

When he got the door open, Johnson all but pushed him in. The next thing he knew, he was up against the back of the door, the sound of it closing hard still ringing in his ears as Johnson’s mouth closed over his own, plundering hard.

Oh, sweet Jesus. Billy opened wide, trying to push back into the kiss, tongue stroking alongside the hot one in his mouth.

Johnson groaned and pulled away, breathing hard. “Fuck, Billy, tell me you’ve got condoms and shit on hand.”

“I do. In the bedroom. We’re good.” He nodded. Good. Hard and wanting, but good.

“Good.” Then Johnson’s mouth was on his again, hands holding his arms tight, hard. 

He pushed close, rubbing furiously against a strong thigh. Johnson ground back, one hand sliding down to cup his ass and pull him in tight. Oh, Christ. Christ. So long. He reached up and up, arms wrapping around Johnson’s neck. Fuck, the man was tall.

“What do you like?” Johnson asked, moving from his mouth to his neck.

“Mmm… I don’t figure tall mechanics with—fuck, yes—with great mouths works as an answer?”

“Depends. You gonna let me fuck you?”

“I… Yes. Hell, yes.” He reached down, cupped Johnson’s crotch, rubbing.

Johnson groaned, pushing into his hand. “Bed?” Johnson grinned suddenly. “Unless you want to do it up against the wall.”

He chuckled. “The lube and rubbers are in the bedroom. Down the hall.” 

“Cool.” Johnson kissed him again, started heading them down the hall, not even pretending to look at the other rooms, the decor. “This okay? We’re not going too fast?”

“We had our date—we had our beer. First kiss. I reckon we’re right on target. It’s the twenty-first century.” He’d lost his hat back by the front door—he shrugged out of his jacket now and reached for Johnson’s belly, stroking the tight muscles. 

“Cool.” Johnson started kissing him again, hands going to the bottom of his shirt, pulling it out of his belt, fingers finding his skin. Rough, warm, those fingers left no doubt that he was being touched, being felt. Fuck. “You feel good,” Johnson murmured, fingers working up along his belly to his chest. “Feel really good.”

Oh, hell yes. Damned fine. He shivered, nipples going tight and hard as little rocks. Damn. Too long. It had been too damned long. The buttons on his shirt popped, Johnson going for his nipples, mouth back on his neck, all teeth and tongue and suction.

“Oh, shit!” The hands were fine, the mouth delicious, but together? Good Lord and butter. He was all over this.

His shirt was pushed off his shoulders, the sucking kisses finding his shoulders, his chest, Johnson’s lips settling, wrapping around one of his nipples. Oh. He held Johnson’s head, hips moving automatically in time with the suction, cock rubbing hard in his briefs.

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