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Monday, September 15, 2014

My God It's Monday

First Monday here at the new blog!

It's Torquere Press' 11th anniversary and they have all six of my Jarheads novels on sale for 99 cents each! This is for a limited time, so get them before Friday.

I've been answering interview questions all day for the Underground: Special Teams blog tour that's going to start on September 22 and I'm feeling all talked out. Maybe I should have written this blog post first....

You have until tomorrow to leave a comment on the previous post for a chance to win my upcoming release.

Let me give you a little snack sized teaser for Underground:Special Teams...

There were a couple of men sitting together, a few wandering. In the back, bound and ring-gagged, cock stuffed was...

Wait. Wait. Hunter knew that shock of near-white hair, the icy blue eyes. He saw that face every time the SWAT team was called out. Keifer Magnessen.

He was stunned. He was fucking turned on, the half woody he'd been sporting since talking with Dan going full-on hard. Keifer was the toughest little sniper on earth. No way would this man let anyone do anything he didn't want. That right there vouched for these guys. Big time.

Hunter was used to seeing Keifer in full SWAT regalia, in total control. This was... this was not that. It was quite stunning.


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  1. So glad you linked on LJ because my email subscription isn't working yet :(((

    YAY for Jarheads being on sale. I have the old PDFs but they just don't show up right in the Kindle app on my phone. You can bet I'll be picking up the zip files now so I can have bright shiny new copies :D

    And hmm...interesting tidbit.

    1. Let me know if the email thing continues to not work and I'll try to figure out what I've done wrong.

      Cool on getting fresh copies :)

      And thank you -- I just wanted to post a little teaser :)

      (Originally posted this as it's own comment -- still getting used to how this all works!)