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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Author Spotlight Tuesday - Jamie Lake

Welcome Jamie Lake, today's spotlight author!

Boxers or Brief? 

Boxer briefs!

Favorite position to write? 

I love to write about doggy style while pulling hair.

Favorite kink to write?  

receiving "punishments" for being disrespectful or sassy.

Tattoos or piercings?  

I personally love tattoos and nipple pierces but I don't have any myself. My partner wants a tat though.

Cut, uncut or I love them all? 

Cut, please.

What's your favorite thing about Bad Boy: Naughty at Night Series? 

I love erotic massages, giving and receiving them.

Peter never thought things would get so tough that he’d need to give out sensual massages in secret in order to make ends meet. He’s a kindergarten teacher and a good one who loves his job. But being a sensual masseuse by night, hot as it may be, is not exactly his dream. All he wants is a nice quiet life and the love of a great guy, a family, and someone who will love him from the heart and accept him without judgment. But when the school slashes his hours in half and no other jobs are available, the opportunity to give sensual massages to men under a secret name seems like the best way out of his current situation at least for now. 

Chip is a tough, macho, blue collar, police detective whose ex has just died. He is also a dedicated loving single father to a 5-year-old son. In a town like Las Vegas, he thinks he’ll never meet anyone who is ready to start a family. He has had his fair share of flakes and liars in his life but when he finally met his son’s favorite kindergarten teacher, probably the hottest guy he’d seen in years, his hope is lifted. He just knows, this is the one. Has he finally met someone who is honest and won’t hide things from him? 

For Peter, what he thinks will be a onetime thing turns into a booming business giving sensual massages at night. Meeting Chip seems like the welcome change he needs in his life. He is by far, everything he could ever ask for in a man but it’s not exactly the best time in his life to meet someone. But if Peter doesn’t jump at the chance to be with Chip, could he be missing out on the one he’s been waiting for? 

Peter promises himself he’ll only do the sensual massages in secret just until he gets caught up on his bills. Then, he’ll quit. But what will the school where he works say if they find out what Peter is doing on the side and what is worse, what will Detective Chip say when he finds out his dream guy has been a very bad boy? 

What will Chip say if he finds out what Peter is doing on the side? And, what’s worse, what will the school say when they find out this teacher has been a very bad boy? 

Pick up Bad Boy (Naught at Night) and Jamie's other books here.


  1. Hi Jamie, I really enjoy your books. Hopefully people will pick up this one and get addicted to your writing.

  2. Hey my email came through \0/

    I just saw Jamie over on Josephine Myles' blog - picked up the first book, cannot WAIT to start it :D

  3. OOOoooooo... a new author. Jamie's work sounds like the type of stories I like! Looking forward to reading more Jamie!