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Monday, February 3, 2020

Movie Monday

This past week I watched Terminator: Dark Fate







I have to preface this by saying that I am a huge Terminator fan. I have loved even the bad movies in this series and I even watched the TV show and was disappointed when it was cancelled.

I am also a huge fan of time travel and the paradox that changing things brings up - it's an endless loop of but if you come back to fix x, then it would have never happened, which means you never came back, which means it happened, so you came back to fix it but once you did, etc. I just love love love that paradox. The fact that it's totally problematic is so delicious.

So for this movie, they rebooted it kind of - they had the Arnie Terminator kill John Connor when he was young, so that when we fast foward to the present, it's an entirely new person who is important and needs protecting. And I liked that. I liked that they breathed some fresh air into it.

I also liked the fact that Linda Hamilton was back reprising her role of Sarah Connor. And how great is it that the protector who comes back is actually an enhanced human, and she's female. So there were three strong female leads.

I loved that Arnie was back, that his Terminator had learned to care for someone and that Sarah Connor did not forgive him, but worked grudgingly with him to advance the right side.

Lots of action, a really neat new bad guy Terminator that could split up between his skeleton and the parts of him that could morph into anything. Very cool.

I enjoyed this one!

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