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Monday, July 2, 2018

Movie Monday

Went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on the weekend.

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Short version - loved it!

So it wasn't quite as good as the first one (which I watched first at home to get me in that dinosaur mood) but it was still pretty darn good. There was a lot to love in this movie, despite it's predictability. I mean, really, all these action movies follow the same formula more or less, so I don't ding a movie for that.

I loved learning more about how Owen trained Blue, and I loved their relationship, right down to the end when Blue connects with Owen, but still chooses to go her own way instead of into the cage like he wanted her to. And who can blame her given what happened in those cages! I'm sure we'll see more of Owen and Blue in the next movie.

Saddest moment of the movie is that brontosauraus on the pier with the island being engulfed in lava, flames and smoke as the boat sails away, and her mournful calls as she's engulfed. Way to break my heart. Second saddest is when the heros and the dinos go off the cliff into the ocean as they flee the lava - all thoso dinosaurs who can't swim drowning...

I liked that they didn't just tell us that the kernel in charge of gathering the dinos was evil but they showed us as well by having him collecting the teeth from sedated dinos. Also loved that that was the ultimate cause of his death.

I didn't catch onto the grandaughter being a clone thing 'til later on in the movie, but once I knew, I could see the clues I missed (starting with Hammond splitting with Lockwood because Lockwood went too far - which at the time made me go huh because it was Hammond who brought them back and set up the original Jurassic park, so how was it Lockwood had gone too far?) So, I liked that.

Loved Owen of course, and I love that Claire doesn't just sit back and wait to be rescued - she's a kiss ass chick who sometimes needs rescuing and sometimes she's the rescuer - she saved Owen's bacon more than once. I also really liked the granddaughter and the addition of the dino doc and the tech guy who was scared of everything. I feel like he represented me in this movie, because I too would be scared of everything and not be okay when it was finally all over.

They've certainly set up the third one with the ending of this one. Although I do think they are going to have to do some fancy juggling to not simply have the army use satellites and drone missile most of the dinos out of existence.

Oh, and the bit after all the credits - so not worth having sat through the credits for. If Jurassic wants to continue to do those, they should watch a few of the ones that Marvel has done and learn from them.

So yeah. Good movie. Worth my money (which was a lot because I saw it at the IMAX, which is more expensive but the movie definitely benefits from all that screen as it's a big movie.

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