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Friday, March 30, 2018

Random Friday

Random Friday is random.
  • I am so behind on everything
  • the house is 50% cleaner than usual though so I am only half as behind on that
  • I have not been sleeping great lately
  • found two new time wasters - wordscapes and CodyCross (which is clearly Canadian, which makes me grin)
  • walked my feet off this morning, then gave the dog a longer walk this evening. My feet are tired
  • having corned beef and coleslaw for supper tonight - I also cooked the two pig's tongues I'd gotten, so there will be tongue sandwhiches for lunch tomorrow
  • I took a peek at prices for my ticket to Reno. It looks like I'll have to do two stops - Ottawa to Toronto to San Francisco to Reno. Fourteen hours with wait times and getting in at midnight. Needless to say I am going to be exhausted. Luckily Tuesday is only pick up registration package and go to cinema craptastique. Pretty sure I won't be up to much more.
  • I love kokopeli
  • I have gotten to the point where I far prefer the feeling of my head being freshly shaved over any hair on it at all
  • I am making a big easter meal for a bunch of family tomorrow - there will be lamb and ham and lots of veggies
  • I wish you all a good friday and a good easter weekend.

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