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Monday, April 2, 2018

Movie Monday

Watched Blade Runner 2045 on Sunday. Well, watched is a bit strong of a word.

I found the first movie dark and boring the first time around, and also the second time around when I watched it anticipation of watching 2045.

Guess what? Blade Runner 2045 is also dark and boring.

I watched the first fifteen minutes, feel asleep for about ten, watched for another half hour or so, then went to prep supper, then wandered off some more. Came back and watched the last 40 minutes or so. Dark and boring.

The sad thing is I really wanted to like this movie. Hell, I really wanted to like the first movie. It's sci-fi, it's based on Philip K. Dick. I wanted to like it. I just didn't.

It isn't often that I don't finish a movie, but in the end, I only saw about a third of this one.

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  1. I did exactly the same with this movie, just couldn't get into it at all

    1. nods - such a shame, too. I think it was too self-absorbed, frankly and that got in the way of the story.

  2. I thought the movie was riveting. It's almost a Greek tragedy about the hubris of an Android who thinks he is human and, of course, nearly is. So, in the end, the movie asks the question, what is human? I still think the first movie is overrated.