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Monday, March 26, 2018

Movie Monday

Last week I watched Underworld 1-5. The movies are varying degrees of bad and good.

When you watch them one after the other, some things stand out. Like the first movie takes place in and around New York (one assumes thanks to the subway scenes). Then the second movie takes place directly after the first and yet is set in eastern Europe. Then there's the fact that they totally dropped Michael from the last movie (did he do smething to piss the producers off between movie 3 and 4? because he was barely in 4 and then in 5 they just dropped the whole thing of her finding him. I mean they did a wee bit at the end of 5 mentioning him but that was it. 

One thing all the movies suffer from is scenes that are very dark. Why do movies do that? I know they're trying to create atmosphere, but it drives me crazy when movies are so dark you can't really see much of anything. I'm like don't you want me to be able to see this movie you made? The 5th movie was especially bad for this. I could barely see anything but shadows and outlines a lot of the time. What the hell? Were they ashamed of the locations they filmed in? Was the lighting just too expensive for their budget? Or maybe the lycan make-up was ass this time around. It's hard to enjoy a movie when you can't fucking see it. Yeah, the darkness to the point of only being abe to see muzzle flashes and spots of candle light through most of the show pissed me off more and more. And I woujld say don't bother with #5 based on lack of being able to see anything. Don't waste your time.

The first movie I had seen before - back when it first came out and I might have liked it better this time around than when I saw it the back then. The second movie wasn't bad and the third goes back and gives us the history we see hints off through the first two. They probably should have stopped there. The fourth diverts from just the lycan and the vampires and brings in 'humans'. I don't think it was a good decision. I will give the 5th movie that it goes back to lycans versus vampires, which is what the franchise does best, but like I said, I can't at all recommend the fifth movie because I literally could not see thalf of it. 

Bah. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

The most annoying thing about these movies is that they've got huge potential. A big back story, an awesome female kickass heroine. They could be so much better than they are.

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