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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

I thought today I'd share my favorite time wasters. Most of these are aps available through your handy ap store.

I should preface this by saying that I used to have a game called Solitaire's Journey for Windows that I loved loved loved. But I haven't been able to find a comparable solitaire game that matches it for number of solitaire games (I think there were 150 or so) or games set up. If anyone knows of this game and knows a modern version (preferably for my phone or iPad) I would love to have links! If I still had it this one would totally be number 1.

Top Ten Favorite Time Wasters

10. Peggle - I go through phases where I'll play this one for ages.
9. Bejeweled - A classic from back when all I had was a PC.
8. Zuma - I go through phases with this one, too, although I always sit and play obsessively until I've finished it once I've started another "run" at it.
7. Mahjong - I love Mahjong, but again, I haven't been able to find anything to match the game set-up I had on my PC way back when. Any recs would be great.
6. Word Stack - I enjoy this one, though I get frustrated when the stacks don't really make sense.
5. Bookworm - a giant word search, this one is great for in a waiting from or just to kill five to ten minutes.
4. 4 pics 1 word - I leave this open and do some everyday - I usually go 'til I get stuck and then put it away until tomorrow
3. Word Cookies - Brand new obsession - creating words from the letters given - so addictive!
2. Words with Friends - I love this for being able to make my plays and then leave it until I get another chance to sit and play.
1. Jigsaw Puzzle - My favorite! I love the ones with the bold colours the best!

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  1. I'm pretty addicted to the "Moonlight" Mahjong app (iTunes and the app store). Plays games in 3D and you can put it on scramble mode so it cycles through 30 or 40 different setups. Has a free version too which I mostly use. Once you hit level 20 when you lose a game it only takes you down a few levels - rather than having to start from scratch each time. I really enjoy it :)

    1. thank you! I'll have to give that one a try

    2. Okay, I've just downloaded it and I'm already on Level 6 and I love it - I love the competition aspect of it. Thanks for the rec!