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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Smutterday - Fairytale Shifters: Little Red Riding Hood

Here's a smutty excerpt of the latest Fairytale Shifter book Little Red Riding Hood.

Cardinal shifter Red works his tailfeathers off as a waiter at The Woods. He doesn’t mind working hard at the diner, but some of the customers have mean streaks and he’s an easy target. When wolf shifter Growler comes in one day for his lunch, he’s immediately taken by Red and even defends him from the porcine bullies giving Red a hard time.

Red’s boss Reisha warns him about getting together with Growler. The guy is a wolf and Red’s kind are nothing but a light snack to wolves. Still, Red likes to make up his own mind, and sometimes a little danger is fun to flirt with, especially if it gets him what he needs, so when Growler offers to give him a ride on his motorcycle, Red is quick to accept.

Predator and prey usually make uneasy bedfellows, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Red and Growler. Will they be able to fly in the face of convention and find the perfect nest together?

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smutty excerpt:

G kept coming, stalking him, even though he wasn’t running.

He took one step back, but he tried to force himself to be still. G’s lips twitched, his nostrils flared and the look in his eyes became even more intense.

“You’re supposed to be seducing, remember?”

“Seducing, stalking, there’s a very fine line between them.” G kept coming.

“Is-is there?” His cock was hard as a rock. but it still felt like it was getting harder as G neared.

“Uh-huh. Especially when you put a predator and prey together.” G was suddenly right there, right in front of him and taking the glass from his hand. He hadn’t even realized he was still holding it.

“You promised not to hurt me, remember.” Red was reminding himself as much as G.

“I’m not going to hurt you.” G took his chin in those strong fingers and tilted his head up. Then the light disappeared, G’s kiss long and hard.

He gasped, the sensation absolutely stealing his breath. G took advantage of his gasp, tongue pushing in between his lips, fucking his mouth.  Oh, God. He reached for G’s shoulders, holding on.

Broad. Heavy. Wide. Oh, how lovely.

G growled softly, one hand sliding along his back, using his spine as a road and travelling along it. The touches left tingles in their wake, lighting up his skin. He moaned, tongue sliding against G’s, greeting him. Groaning, G tilted his head, and deepened the kiss. Red wrapped his hands tighter around G’s shoulders as he trusted G to hold him up. He was lifted, and his legs wrapped automatically around G’s waist.

“Good instincts, Red.” Holding him, G began to walk into the main room.

Red could feel G’s strength in every step he took and Red didn’t once worry that he would be dropped.

He kissed along G’s jaw, nuzzled the hollow under G’s ear. His touches earned him soft moans and happy chuffs, G’s breath blowing across the skin of his face.

He didn’t know where G was taking him, but he trusted it would be somewhere where they could continue making out. Sure enough, he was suddenly horizontal and G laid him out on the couch, coming down with him.

He gasped, his bird panicking for a second, then G cupped his jaw. “I have you.”

Those grey eyes were so steady, staring into him like they could see his soul. G breathed with him, one inhale after exhale after inhale. It all conspired together to steady him.

“I don’t try to be flighty. It’s my nature,” he admitted.

“Stick with me, Red. I’m solid.” G proved it by resting more firmly on him.

This time, instead of panicking, he reveled in the weight, in the heat of G’s body.

“Oh…” He snuggled right in.

“Yes. Oh.” G circled his hips, their cocks pressing together, rubbing through the denim of their jeans. Strong as that material was, it couldn’t disguise the heat and hardness of G’s magnificent erection.

That made him ache, and he rubbed, rocking against G’s heat. Groaning, G worked a hand beneath his T-shirt, sliding it from his stomach up toward his nipples. G took his time getting there, though, moving at the speed of molasses in winter. By the time his nipples were bared, his was vibrating all over.

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