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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Smutterday - Three New Wishes

Last book of the Rainbow Island trilogy is out! Here's a smutty excerpt from it.

Three New Wishes

Come to Rainbow Island, where all your sexual fantasies will come true.

James, Guard and Damien continue to grant the sexual fantasies of their clients, but so far have been unable to make Rainbow Island work for their own relationship. Damien misses being home more often with his lovers and Guard has been working on breaking down James’ defenses. Can they make their own fantasies come true?

As always, three different fantasies are granted through Rainbow Island.

Tim is rich and bored. A ‘sometimes sub’, he’s searching for something more. Full-time Dom, Rain, is brought in to give Tim the twenty-four-seven experience he’s been looking for, but Rain has a secret—he’s been watching Tim in the club for years, just waiting for Tim to get serious before making his move. Can these two men find what they need in each other?

Mike has been hired to be a submissive. He doesn’t know that much about the lifestyle. He figures he can handle it—besides, the payday is too good to give up. Dom Brendan is handsome and confident, and the things he shows Mike speak to something deep inside him. Could he have found something more than just another job in Brendan?

Angus and Robbie are a committed Dom/sub pair who want to spice things up a little and see if puppy play is for them. They’re excited and nervous to learn from Sam, the puppy master that Rainbow Island has brought in to show them the ropes. They discover there’s more to puppy play than they’d imagined and not all of it is for them. Can they separate what they need from what they want and come out stronger than ever in the end?

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smutty excerpt:

Rain touched the corner of his mouth, then leaned in and set their lips together, this touch feather-light, barely there.

Were they allowed to kiss? Was that fair?

Then Rain did it again and again, lips coming to his, rubbing then backing off again.

It must be allowed. The Doms he hired never kissed.

“Kiss me back, boy,” Rain murmured. “We’ve got three weeks together and I don’t want to spend them emotionlessly.” Rain pulled back suddenly. “Unless that’s what you require, though I’m probably going to have to have another Dom brought in if it is.”

“No. No, this is nice. Unexpected. A bonus.”

“I like being a bonus.” Rain’s eyes twinkled, then he kissed Tim again, not a gentle peck this time, but something more serious, lips sliding firmly against his.

He gasped, his head spinning as Rain stole his breath, clean away. Rain’s hand slid behind his head, holding him in place as Rain continued to kiss him. To own the kiss, because even if he did move his lips this was Rain kissing him, hands down.

He opened up, surprised to discover himself hard and beginning to ache. There was just something about Rain, about the command in his presence and the way he kissed…and maybe a little something about being naked while Rain was fully dressed, his clothes slightly rough against Tim’s skin.

“What a good, good boy,” Rain murmured.

Oh, God. That shouldn’t have gone through him and turned him on so much, but it did. It totally did.
Rain smiled against his lips.

Hopefully that meant he did well.

Rain returned to kissing him, sucking on his lips, sliding their tongues together and totally devouring his mouth. He hadn’t expected this, not at all. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but it hadn’t been this.

Rain slid his free hand along Tim’s throat, stroking his skin, making goosebumps rise on his flesh. Rain chuckled softly, the sound sweet, tickled.

“You’re a lovely boy. You must not have expressed any interest or you’d have been snapped up for sure.” The gentle touches continued.

“I’ve hired some Dominants over the last year.” They hadn’t worked for him.

“For single days or evenings, hmm?” Rain didn’t wait for an answer, mouth moving over his again.

“Yes, sir. I wanted relief.”

“Now your relief belongs to me. I get to say when and where and how.”

He nodded, his balls drawing up tight against his body.

“There will be punishments if you come without permission,” Rain warned him, eyes warm, but serious.

He nodded, trying to put space between them. Rain didn’t let him. For every inch he wriggled to the side, Rain followed and slid ever closer until Rain leaned hard against him, from shoulders to ankles.

“There’s nowhere to go, boy.”

“I’m trying to be good.”

“You’ll need to learn to obey even when it’s very hard. Or if you want the punishment, you need to recognize that and learn to use disobedience to get what you want.”

“Are you into that? Pushy bottoms?”

“I don’t mind pushy bottoms. There’s a certain charm to them. I prefer when the deliberate acting out comes from an honest need that I’m not meeting.”

“This is much more cerebral than you’d think, isn’t it?”

“There’s a lot about the lifestyle that’s more cerebral than you’d think. I prefer a thinking sub to one who just acts and doesn’t know why.”

All he could think to do was nod. He liked using his brain, right? Right.

Rain closed their lips together again, breathing into him as they kissed.

Oh. Better. Okay. He let himself breathe, let himself suck in Rain-flavored air.

“You do better with doing than talking, don’t you?” Rain didn’t let him answer, simply went back to kissing him, tongue sweeping through his mouth.

He would never, never have thought that about himself. Never. Yet here they were, and he was, at ease with this kissing. It was comfortable and exciting at the same time.

Rain touched his throat again, teasing gently and sending shivers through him. His response had Rain groaning and deepening the kiss, making it even more breathtaking than earlier. He wrapped his arms around Rain’s shoulders and held on.

Rand slid his hand down farther, rubbing along his collarbone, and then his breastbone, coming close to, but not touching his nipples. That didn’t stop them from tightening up, though, as if they were trying to get Rain’s attention.

He had never responded so quickly, so eagerly. There was something about Rain, though, that had him, and all his instincts were on high alert, ready for the things Rain was doing to him.

Finally, Rain stopped teasing and flicked his finger back and forth across Tim’s right nipple, the pleasure going right to his balls like there was a wire between them.

His eyes went wide, his hips bucking up furiously, and he fought his needy cry. Rain pinched his nipple, twisted it, and he gasped.

smut fixes everything

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