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Monday, March 6, 2017

My God It's Monday

Man, last week just flew by unbelievably quickly and somehow I didn't post between last Monday and this one... I seriously don't know what happened to the week.

I have one edit on my plate today - I did one last week, too. Let me tell you, one a week is much easier to handle than what I had going a couple weeks ago!

I've got almost all the books from the ARE debacle back up on Amazon and Evil Plot Bunny. I have five left to put on Amazon and those five plus three more to put on Evil Plot Bunny and then all the books that were published by ARE will be available. Next is to get all the books that were self-pubbed on ARE onto Evil Plot Bunny - they're all already on Amazon.

I have all my smutty advent prizes packaged up and ready to go. I just need to get them to the post office and get them actually mailed out. Almost all -- the person who won the big stuffed unicorn from day 31 still hasn't gotten back to me. Laura K if you see this, please email me.

I'm working on the next Fairytale Shifters book - Little Red Riding Hood this time. This one has a wolf (the obvious choice!) and the other shifter is one I've never done before. That's all I'm saying for now ;)

Just the Right Notes is out today! Thank you to Dreamspinner Press for re-printing this one :)

Elliot is an up-and-coming architect who just opened his own firm—which is a lot more work and pressure than he expected. His partner, Graham, is a respected composer and conductor. They share their love and lives in a beautiful house designed by Elliot, and whenever things get too hard to handle, they retreat to their cabin getaway where Elliot becomes Dom to Graham’s needy little sub.

When things at Elliot’s firm begin to crumble, Graham needs to be the tough one, the one to suggest the cabin and the games they play there, knowing Elliot’s role as Dom will give him strength and that their games will recharge his lover. Together, they keep working to find that precarious balance in their lives—until an accident threatens to change everything. Elliot and Graham’s love faces its greatest challenge yet, and only the resilience they draw from each other can see them through hardship and keep the music in their lives.

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