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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Smutterday - The Millionaire's Mistake

The Millionaire's Mistake

Is it too late to win back the heart of the man he loves?

When Reid Allen said no to spoiled millionaire Ambrose Walter Simpson five years ago, AW kicked him out on his ass. Now AW is ready to admit he’s thrown away the only man he ever truly loved.

The rich bad boy has learned the value of sticking around when the going gets tough. But is it too late to make amends and win Reid back?

Originally released with another publisher.

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Smutty Excerpt:

“So let someone else make you a nice supper. It’ll be like a hug from your food.”

“A hug from my… Are you high?”

Laughing, AW went to Reid. “How about a hug from me?”

Reid put a hand in the center of AW’s chest. “You’re… What’s wrong? Are you doing some weird twelve-step thing?”

“No. I want you back. I want you on your knees again, begging me to fuck you, calling me ‘sir’. I want you in my life.” He wasn’t playing games this time around and he figured his best bet was to be upfront, right from the start.

“I don’t do that anymore. That’s not in my life. I have sweet, easy love affairs. No kink, no leather, nothing extreme.” Reid met his gaze defiantly.

“Nothing exciting, nothing real,” AW countered.

“I have a life!” Reid poked him in the center of his chest, hard. “I fucking hate you!”

He grabbed Reid’s hand and held on. “I can change that.” No one with this much passion was done. No one. And that one angry sentence told him that he had a chance, that Reid still cared.

He used his hold on Reid’s hand to bring him in and dropped his mouth over Reid’s. The man tasted like coffee and like Reid. Reid jerked, went stiff for a second—long enough that AW considered pulling back—and then one hand wrapped around his head, and Reid dove into the kiss like it was the only thing keeping him alive.

Fuck yes.

AW took Reid’s mouth, put all their years of being apart into it.

“Fucking hate you.” Reid bit his bottom lip.

“I know.” AW could definitely work with that.

He slid his hand along Reid’s body, headed toward that ass to see if it was still as tight as it had been. Reid was in amazing fucking shape, slender and hard, and yes, that ass was like a rock.

Groaning, AW brought their mouths back together again. He was shit at talking and feelings, but this he could do. This he excelled at.

They rocked together, both of them hard as diamonds, both of them biting and moaning. He backed Reid up slowly, aiming to get him up against the nearest wall.

Reid managed to pull a glare up for him. “Not doing this. Go away.”

“Your mouth is saying no, your body is saying fuck me now.”

Someone hadn’t been treating this amazing slut with the attention Reid needed. AW could change that. He could make Reid sing and purr.

Biting at Reid’s lower lip, AW made Reid jerk and push against his body.

God, he wanted to hear Reid beg.

He got them to the wall, his body pushing hard against Reid’s. Then he grabbed Reid’s hands, putting them up over Reid’s head before going in for another kiss.

How many times had he plundered this mouth and tongue-fucked Reid into insanity?

Three years was a long time to be together. The years in between were even longer. He’d fucked up, thought an easygoing twink was the way to go. He’d been wrong. Over and over again he’d been wrong. For too many years he’d been wrong.

He was making up for it now, though. He’d make up for it as long as he still had breath in his body.

Pressing Reid harder against the wall, AW rubbed all along the sweet body.

“We can’t do this,” Reid insisted. “This is a mistake.”

“Doesn’t feel like a mistake to me.” It felt fucking good.

Yanking his hands away, Reid planted them on AW’s chest and shoved him back. “I’m not ready to play these games with you.”

Not ready. That wasn’t a get lost, it wasn’t a go away. AW would fucking take it. He’d take it and run with it.

“Okay.” He cupped one of Reid’s cheeks, changing tactics. “Come to dinner. You’re going to love this place.”

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