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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Smutterday - Little Square of Cloth

It's close enough to Saturday still for Smutterday, right?

I just re-released this one as a self-pub.

When Peter is unexpectedly thrust into a BDSM club with a black hankie in his right back pocket, he has no idea that he’s signaling being a hard core sub who is up for anything. Lucky for him, Master Rupert takes one look and falls for the unwitting sub and takes Peter under his wing, in more ways than one.

Can a rescue at a club turn into so much more?

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smutty excerpt:

"I tell you what, boy, I'm making your first rule for you. No putting yourself down or you will get punished. And I don't think you're a pussy. I think you're a sweet virgin."

Rule. Punishment. Pure erotic desire slammed through him, making his hips roll.

"A sweet virgin who is a huge bottom boy. You just don't realize it yet how true that is."

His lips parted and he managed to get Rupert's leathers open. The man was hung like a bull moose, thick and fat and long. Oh, God, it was beautiful.

Rupert smiled for him. "You like what you see."

"You're beautiful."

"Thank you. You can touch, suck... whatever you want."

"Thank you." He took his courage in both hands, right along with that fine cock, and dared to lick a long line up along the heated flesh.

It twitched against his tongue, and Rupert groaned for him. Salty, vaguely soapy, and heady -- the flavor of his first cock was an instant addiction.

One of Rupert's hands dropped to his head, stroked over it. "Keep going, boy. Follow your instincts."

"Yes, Sir." Peter licked the tip, traced around the ridge at the head.

Moaning for him, Rupert made it pretty clear he was doing well.

The flavors fascinated him and his hips began to move, rocking in time with the motions of his tongue.

"You're a natural, boy."

He would have thanked Rupert, but his mouth was full and that would be rude.

Shifting, Rupert spread his legs just a little wider and the scent of leather filled Peter's nose. A low, long moan escaped him, pure need.

"That's it, boy. We should both enjoy this."

He nodded, lips slipping over the swollen head, bobbing and taking more in.

"One day you'll be able to take me in to the root."

That fat, heavy cock? Peter couldn't imagine it. Hell, a quarter of it filled his mouth.

"You just need to keep practicing." Rupert gave him a wink, but there was a husky, needy note to his words now.

Peter nodded again, beginning to pull, to suck.

"Yes. Yes. That's good." Rupert stroked his head over and over.

The praise filled him, and his hips sawed, cock fucking the air as he sucked.

"What if I told you that you weren't allowed to come until I said so?" Rupert asked.

That made Peter tighten, made him suck harder as excitement zipped down his spine.

"Would you do that for me? Hold back until I gave you the command to come for me?"

Christ, yes. He pulled harder, caught in the web Rupert was weaving.

"And if you didn't, if you couldn't hold it until I ordered your orgasm, I would have to spank you. Turn that pretty little bottom of yours quite rosy."

Peter's entire body went hard. Oh, God. Oh, God. No talking.

"That's what would happen if I was your Master. I'd make you suck me like you are now and I'd grab your head like this." Rupert grabbed his head in both hands. "And I'd fuck your mouth like this." Hips moving, Rupert pushed the head of his cock a little deeper, then pulled it back, then in again.

Peter cried out, bowing over Rupert's cock, his desperate sounds muffled by the thick flesh spreading his lips.

"And I'd order you not to come and when you did -- without my permission -- I would punish you. Spank you." Rupert's cock sawed along Peter's tongue as he spoke.

The world stopped, Peter's hands wrapped around the base of Rupert's shaft, the flavor of the man on his tongue and Peter came, shooting without a touch.

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