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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Movie Tuesday

Saw two movies over the last week - The 5th Wave and Captain America: Civil War. There are going to be spoilers for both movies below so back out now if you don't want to see.

The 5th Wave had caught my interest when I originally saw the previews for it, so I picked it up when it came out on Blu-Ray. I have to say I was disappointed. If it had been the two hour pilot of a television show, it would have been fine to have so many things left in the dark, because you would know that more details were coming. But a two hour movie needs to make sense. This one was basically pointless. Nothing anyone did made any sense and there was far too much left out.

Then there was the telling instead of showing thing. Lots and lots of telling. It's a movie for Pete's sake - showing instead of telling should be a no brainer. But the worst of it really was the pointlessness of it. I kept waiting for there to be a point, but it never did happen.

I saw the latest Captain America movie this past weekend. While I liked it well enough, I do have to say that it wasn't my favorite in the franchise.

I have never really liked Tony Stark and this movie did nothing to make me like him any better. The whole really felt like someone said - hey, wouldn't it be neat to watch Iron Man and Captain America fight? Who would win? Would would choose what side to fight? Oh yeah, let's make a movie where they beat the shit out of each other.

I also find the whole plotline of it's all your fault that something bad happened in the world to begin to be grating. After all, what would have happened if when the Cree invaded the earth, the Avengers just went, oh well, we might cause some damage, so we're just going to sit this one out? This seems to be a superhero staple, though, so I know it's not going anywhere.

Don't get me wrong, I did like the movie. I really enjoyed Bucky - the tortured villain, and the way he and Rogers both cared for each other. Plus I adore Hawkeye and always love to get another chance to see him. It just wasn't my favorite one.

It was fun to see Ant-Man and Spiderman as a part of the group and I liked the Jaguar. So it wasn't disappointing, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.

I saw the preview for Dr. Strange. OMG, this one looks good. The visuals were stunning and it's got Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. It has great promise.

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  1. I enjoyed The Fifth Wave - but I was disappointed that there wasn't an ending per se. I never read the book so I Googled it afterward and found out that at the least it's a trilogy and the final book isn't out yet. I may look into reading the books when the final one comes out, we'll see.

    GAH you are NOT ALONE. The whole "let's blame the Avengers for all the collateral damage" plot line is massively infuriating. Maybe next time Loki decides to rip a whole in the universe they should just turn a blind eye - ofc then they'll get blamed for that as well *rolls eyes*

    I did think this one orchestrated the whole 'fight' between the leads SO MUCH BETTER then Batman Vs Superman - that one was just ridiculous.

    LOVED Black Panther - and OMG Bucky.

    And yes, Dr. Strange looks very intriguing!