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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sneak Peek Sunday

The next book in the Sealed With a Kink series comes out on Tuesday! It's currently available for pre-order at Amazon and Kobo. On Tuesday it will be available at Turtlehat Creatives. Then on Friday at midnight it hits KU, so it'll be gone from Kobo and Turtllehat at that point.

I'm sharing an excerpt here today as a sneak peek!

Can a good flogging from the right man help a driven artist exorcise his demons?

Damien is a painter with demons. He spends most of his life working those demons out on his canvases, only leaving his studio when one friend or another shows up to drag him out for an hour or two. He’s tried everything to help him sleep through the night, and find some peace, but he knows he’s more than a little crazy and nothing has ever worked.

Trace has been dropping hints to Damien for a while that he’d like to be more than just friends, but Damien doesn’t ever seem to pick up on them. Believing he can give this beautiful man exactly what he needs, Trace takes the bull by the horns one evening when they’re both at the same bar and directly asks Damien to come home with him.

Is Trace right? Does he know exactly what Damien needs to give him some peace, and will Damien trust him enough to try, or is Damien doomed to be forever chased by them? Find out in this latest Sealed With a Kink book.

Buy links:
coming to Turtlehat Creatives on Tuesday


Jesus, I’m bored.

I’ve been in the house for months, working, creating, and if Nels hadn’t thrown a temper tantrum and dragged me out to the bar, I’d still be doing it—throwing paint on the canvas and working out my demons.

But I’m here. I’m here with my beer, watching Nels dance with some little twink, and I’m waiting for it to turn nine o’clock so I can grab a car home.

I agreed to an hour. Nine makes an hour.

Someone sits next to me. I can feel that he’s a big guy even without looking. He feels solid, like suddenly there’s a brick wall right there.

I’m not looking. I’m not interested. I’m just waiting for nine.

So there.

The bartender comes over. “What’ll it be?”

“Coke, lots of ice, please.” His voice is like velvet dragging over gravel and it hits me in my balls.

Oh, damn. I need to pay my tab and go. Instead, I grin up at him. “Lots of ice?” My eyes go wide. “Trace? Hey.”

“Hi, Damien.”

I’d forgotten just how sexy his voice is, how warm his smile.

“I haven’t seen you in a while.” I haven’t seen anyone in a while. I’ve been hiding.

“No, you haven’t been around. I was pleased when I walked in and saw you sitting here. Knew I had to come say hello.”

He’s making me hard just by talking.

Obviously I’ve been alone a while. I’ve known Trace forever. There’s never been a spark. “I’ve been working hard.”

“Too hard. You’ve got dark bags under your eyes.” He reaches out and gently touches me, right under my eyes, and it’s like he’s touching an electric wire to me.

“She’s a demanding mistress.” I am not gasping. I’m not. Nope.

“I know a thing or two about being demanding,” Trace notes. Have his eyes always been so very green? And intensely hot. That has to be new, right?

“Do you?” I take another swig of beer, trying to cool down.

“Yeah, I do. And I think you know exactly what I mean.” That timbre in his voice, that’s new too. So is the way he licks the moisture from his upper lip, tongue sliding slowly.

“H-how’s your Coke?” Stop it. You are not a virgin.

“Nice and cold. Exactly how I like it. How’s your beer?”

“Piss warm and nasty,” I admit. “I’ve been nursing it.”

“If you didn’t want it, why not order something else? A glass of water with ice would take a lot longer to get warm.”

“I was going to leave at nine.” A glass of iced water sounds amazing, though.

Trace nods at the barback, who comes right over. “Ice water, please.” Then he turns back to me, and I feel really seen. “You shouldn’t have to sip at warm beer for another ten minutes.”

“Thank you.” That’s—that’s kind. It feels like a balm, a little. Or maybe a lot.

“It’s the painting, right? Have you got something in particular riding your ass so hard?” The words conjure up a naughty image involving Trace and my ass.

“It is. I got demons, nothing big.” Just…being a worthless shit.

He touches my arm, and that zap from earlier is back like whoa. “Are you okay, Damien? I mean really.”

I go for casual and blithe, because no, no I’m not. I’m lonely, and I’m worn, and I’m more than a little broken.

He’s still staring at me, touching me, and I realize I haven’t actually said anything yet.

My cheeks heat, and I hide my face in the water. “I’ll be fine, honey. Thanks for asking.”

“I don’t think you are. And I want to help.” His tone is gentle, but there’s also a strength there.

“What? Why?” Why on earth would Trace care?

A wry smile quirks up one side of Trace’s mouth. “Because I’ve been interested in you since I first saw you and you’re getting deeper and deeper into your demons.”

“Oh, honey. I—I’m bad news. You have to know that, right?” I reach out and put my hand on his arm, and he’s so warm.

“You’re just… driven and probably a lot lost in what you call your demons. You need a master to take care of you. To help you… focus.”

“I wish.” But I’ve tried that. I’ve tried sex. I’ve tried pain. I’ve tried drugs. The only thing that works is, well, work.

“You could always think of me as your genie—granting you that wish,” Trace suggests.

He has no idea how tempting that is.

“I actually like you. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Damien, do you really have so low an opinion of yourself?” He touches my arm again, and it lights me up, warms me to the bone.

“I just know me. I’m a train wreck.” Sad but true.

“Like I said, you need a master.” He’s still touching me, fingers stroking my arm now, leaving tingles behind.

“I tried the lifestyle. I wasn’t good at it. Ask Carlson.” Oh. Probably Trace had. Carlson and I never even fucked—I let him tie me up, spank me. All I could do was wait for it to be over.

“Okay, let me rephrase. You need the right master.” Trace smiled. “I can even refine that. You need me.”

“Did you talk to him? It was a bad experience. I wasn’t ugly.” Was it nine? It had to be…

“I haven’t talked to anyone, Damien. I’ve been observing you. And flirting, but I don’t think I’m very good at it as you don’t seem to have noticed. I’m better at direct.”

“I—” Okay. Stop this. Stop this right now. “Do you dance?”

Wait. What?

“I’m no Arthur Miller, but I enjoy moving to the music.” Trace stands and holds out his hand. “And I happen to really like this song.”

“I do too.” I take his hand, and he’s so warm, so tall.

He leads us out into the dance floor and I can feel Nels shooting me a shocked look.

I glare over. I can dance, can’t I? Just one? I’m not taken, for fuck’s sake.

Nels makes a face and turns back to the twink he’s with, but I swear I can feel him cutting glances at me. It’s none of his business.

“Damien. You’re with me. Ignore everything else, yeah?”

That’s more than fair. One dance. Trace deserves that—all of me for a dance. “You’re right. I’d be happy to.”

I push into his arms, trusting that he’ll lead. He does, and we move together like we were made for it. His hands slide down to cup my ass and hold me closer. His fingers are hot, and it’s easy to relax and lean into the rhythm. God, he’s like a jungle gym.

He hums, and the sound is not only happy, but it vibrates through his chest and into me.

“That’s nice,” I whisper. I feel it everywhere, making me shiver.

That makes him hum even more, and I like it. A lot. “For you,” he whispers back at me.

Maybe we could have a one-night stand. Maybe…just one orgasm, one night.

Like he can hear my thoughts, he squeezes my ass in one hand, his fingers digging in through the thick denim of my jeans.

“Uhn…” My eyes roll up in my head, and my toes curl. “Damn.”

“Let me take you home, Damien. We’ll hide you from your demons for the night.”

“One night.” I want to. I want to just relax and let the world disappear.

“When this song is over.” Trace continues to move us, our bodies rubbing together, and he’s hard, cock thick and stiff in his slacks.

I nod, because dancing tells you how good the sex might be. And the way things are going, the sex is going to be fucking good.

We keep moving, the music dictating our speed.

One song slides into another, and I don’t mind. This is sensual and sexual and right. His body keeps moving against mine, slowly ramping me up and making me ache.

“We need to go. It’s been a long time.” And I’m not going to embarrass myself.

“As you wish.” His hands leave my ass and he takes one of mine, leading me from the dance floor and out the door.

Nels comes running up. “Bud? Where are you going, man?”

“I—With Trace.”

Trace slides an arm around my waist and tugs me into his side. I fit there perfectly. Damn. Like the space was made for me.

“With Trace, huh?” Nels rolls his eyes toward me. “You’re cool?”

“I’m cool.” It is a lie. I’m burning up.


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