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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Smutty Advent - Day 5

Tuesdays are usually Top Ten Tuesdays so I thought I'd try to keep it in the theme for smutty advent, but it wasn't easy coming up with a top ten list that also book/character driven. But the Hammer men have come through with their Top Ten Favorite Christmas Auction 'items' over the years.

The Hammer Club's Top Ten Favorite Christmas Auction Items

10.  St-Andrew's Cross. There isn't always one up for auction, but when there is, it's a popular item.
9.  Dinner with Master Oliver and Jack. Everyone wants to sit at Master Oliver's table.
8.  Leatherwork items by Marcus. He donates something custom every year and it is always a popular item.
7. A Portrait by Giles. Marcus purchased this item for Jim.
6. An Evening Topping Peter Dearborne. One of the clubs biggest pain-sluts.
5. A spanking from Master Selven. The man is a body-builder - he can spank like nobody's business.
4. Chef Cooked Meals. Lots of money is made on home-cooked meals offered by the various chefs who belong to the club.
3. Summisive Maid Service. Many of the subs participate in this, offering to clean the house wearing nothing but a small apron and a smile.
2. The in-home figging demonstration. Ten subs pooled their money to win this one.
1. Master for a Day. This is always a popular one where a master offers to be the boy for a day and is almost always won by the sub of whichever master is offering himself over.

Of course all the Masters said that the best item was when their sub was up for auction...

The Hammer Club books are on Amazon.

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  1. Perfect list - more perfect - a new Christmas Hammer short.

  2. Love this list! Always fun to see more from this world!