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Monday, December 4, 2017

Smutty Advent - Day 4

For Day 4 I'm sharing a smutty excerpt from one of my Christmas stories. I love writing holiday stories and Wicked Gift was no exception. This threesome came together for me beautifully.

Alec has the perfect gift for his lover Kono this year -- his best friend Swan.

Kono has a lot of fantasies about being a submissive, while Alec likes to watch and Swan is the best Dom he knows, so a week together fulfilling Kono's fantasies seems like just the ticket.

Of course, he hasn't taken into account that maybe there are stronger feelings at play here between all of them. Will these three men turn out to be exactly what they each need for Christmas this year?

Wicked Gift is a reprint – the publisher has changed.

Available at Amazon.

If you'd like to pick up a copy but don't use Amazon, let me know and I'll make it available on Evil Plot Bunny (pdf, epub and mobi files) asap.

Smutty Excerpt:

Swan pulled Alec's robe off and kissed his shoulder. "Look at your beautiful lover."

Kono opened his arms, and he went, taking a long, soft kiss.

"Mmm. That's almost too pretty to intrude on." Swan climbed up behind him, though, rubbing against him. "Almost..." Swan's fingers tugged the clamps on his nipples, so lightly, making him gasp. "You're going to do more than just watch this week, baby."

He met Kono's dark eyes, and his lover smiled, stroking his hair. "Breathe, Alec."

He could feel Swan's breath on his neck, the heat of the man incredible. "You're edible, Alec. This week is your gift to Kono -- and to me, really -- but it's a better gift with you involved."

"Oh, God." He started moving, just barely, rocking between them.

"That's it, Alec. We're both right here -- take what you need." Swan's voice was like really good whiskey.

"I've never seen you come so hard, Alec. You were so beautiful." Kono's soft words made him moan.

Swan's kisses peppered across his shoulders, and he could feel the heat of the man's cock against his ass. He moaned at the promise of that heavy prick. Kono fucked him rarely, if ever, and the idea of being filled by something other than his own fingers made him dizzy.

The lips on his shoulders were warm, soft, and made promises he hoped to god Swan could keep. Kono kissed him, soft and sweet, and then he was offered that long, sweet throat, the hot spots there. He couldn't have resisted that offer, even if he'd wanted to. Which he most certainly did not.

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  1. Oh what an excellent way to ease into the Christmas break! I'd love to purchase a pdf copy from Evil Plot Bunny please <3

    1. Here you go:
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  2. What a great excerpt. Thanks for sharing, this one is going on my tbr list asap!


  3. I would love to get a copy.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. it's up on Evil Plot Bunny now:

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  4. I would also love a copy so please put
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