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Monday, December 4, 2017

Smutty Advent - Day 2

I thought I'd make it a Movie Monday edition as it happens to be Monday when this one is being written. So here are some of the characters' favorite Christmas movies.

Rig: It's a Wonderful Life - my marines and I watch it every year
Rock: Die Hard - no matter what Rig says about it being a christmas movie
Dick: The Grinch - animated version - I've always loved that one

Iron Eagle Gym:
Lance: The Sound of Music - I sing along and Tide teases me, but I do it anyway
Tide: Elf 
Bryn: The Grinch - the Jim Carey version I love the evil
Tyrone: The Santa Claus - because it's first one off the top of my head - I'm not really a christmas movie kind of guy
Jude: It's a Wonderful Life - happy sigh
Day: It's a Wonderful Life - even before I met Jude that was my answer, I swear
Way: The Sound of Music - it's so hopeful and all about how finding your love can change everything
Neal: A Charlie Brown Christmas - it gets me every time they pick the Charlie Brown Tree

Add Love and Mix:
Jase: The Shrek Christmas special - before having my daughter in my life I probaby would have said Die Hard
Scott: The Nightmare Before Christmas - I love Tim Burton movies

Unlikely Hero:
Brock: uh.... I'm not really a movie kind of guy - whatever Eric picks
Eric: Frozen - it counts, right? I've only seen it 8 million times...

the Dragons:
Jake: Home Alone - those thieves deserve everything they get and more
Shae: The Nightmare Before Christmas - it's a piece of art
Deke: Miracle on 34th St. - the original, because there's nothing wrong with old things, and I like it because it's about belief
Bryan: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - I do like that kind of humor
Luke: A Christmas Carol - gotta love the classics
Greyson: A Charlie Brown Christmas - it was me and my brother's favorite growing up

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  1. Love seeing these answers and more into the characters personality.