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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Smutterday - Bound by Thorns

For smutterday today, I'm sharing a smutty excerpt of Bound by Thorns, the third book in the Dragon Soul series from Carina Press, which came out on September 26.

Bound by Thorns

Park ranger Luke Beteferoce likes the quiet of the forest—a place he can be alone. The dragon shifter keeps himself busy maintaining his territory in the park…that is, until he meets ex-soldier Greyson Paulson. Suddenly, Luke finds himself thinking of all sorts of scenarios that involve Greyson. And with the kind of tension he's feeling, hot, sweaty, nonkinky sex is only the beginning. 

While he's perfectly fine being left alone, Greyson finds he enjoys the company of the bossy yet tender park ranger. Soon, trying to fight the heat between them is a losing battle: he's ready to give in to the irresistible lust he feels for Luke. Greyson may not be ready to completely submit, but he still can't stop himself from following every command Luke whispers his way. 

Luke hasn't felt this kind of connection and satisfaction with anyone ever before, leading him to discover Greyson's marked as his mate. But with Greyson battling his own limitations and lack of experience, it's going to take Luke more than hours-long hot sex to convince Greyson to stay and accept his destiny. 

 Book three in the Dragon Soul series 

buy links:

Book 1 of the series is Branded by Flames.
Book 2 of the series is Seduced by the Tide.

Smutty Excerpt:

Luke didn’t immediately follow him down onto the bed. Instead, Luke stood there and slowly undressed, pulling his clothes off but somehow never losing Greyson’s gaze.

“This is a dream, isn’t it?”

“Not that I know of.” Luke climbed on the bed, straddling his legs and slowly moving up.

“No? Good.” He didn’t want it to be. He wanted this to be real.

Luke put his hands on either side of Greyson’s head and slowly bent to bring their lips together. He exhaled, the connection between them strong enough to make him ache, deep in his bones.

Luke’s nostrils flared, like he was pulling in Greyson’s scent on the air, and he reached for Luke, stroking the lines of his angular jaw.

“I could kiss you for the rest of time,” Luke murmured against his lips before sliding those lips along his newly bared cheek.

Sweet words. And if Luke was right, if they were going to be together for the rest of time, he wished this had happened before he’d gotten hurt.

“I wasn’t joking, Pet. And I should get my wish, too.” Luke kissed him hard. “You are my soul mate, so you will be mine forever. Nobody else has the soul that matches mine.” Luke gave him a quick, hard hug. “Now, making love or more shaving?”

Like he could answer that. Seriously. He grabbed Luke behind the neck, tugging the big guy into a kiss.

Luke rocked against him, cock hard and leaking on his skin, leaving burning hot little lines that left him gasping. 

It didn’t matter what part of Luke touched him, he felt it to his bones.

Damn, that was something else. Something he couldn’t quite comprehend.

Luke’s lips left his, moving again along his bare jaw, licking and nibbling, but very quickly moving to tease the skin on his neck, leaving little shivers behind. “Mine,” Luke whispered. “All mine.”

“Shh.” They’d known each other approximately thirty-five seconds, for fuck’s sake.

Luke grinned at him, looking smug as fuck. It was kind of annoying that it was as attractive on Luke as every other look.

He’d never found another man as attractive as he found Luke. It was…undeniable.

Luke licked his way down to Greyson’s right nipple. He breathed on it. Then breathed on it some more. The anticipation made his body tense, made his skin tighten. His nipples hardened as he continued to wait.

When Luke finally pounced, lips wrapping around his nipple, so hot, it felt enormous.

He cried out, the sound shocking him, the pressure making him shudder.

His reaction saw Luke begin to suck, tongue flicking back and forth across the tip of his nipple. 

God, were guys even supposed to get off on that? Was that a thing? 

Whether it was a thing or not, he totally was. 

Then Luke bit and he howled, the sudden sharpness enough that he whimpered and twisted, caught by Luke’s teeth.

Luke grabbed his hips, pulling him in tighter and grinding their hips together as he didn’t let go of Greyson’s flesh.

“Aches.” And he couldn’t seem to breathe around the pressure.

Luke’s teeth closed over his nipple again, just the tip, all the while grinding against him.

Heat poured from him, shocking the hell out of him. Luke rumbled and let go of his nipple, moving down immediately to lap the come from his belly.

He watched, utterly stunned, as Luke lapped up every single drop, tongue dragging along his skin.

When Luke looked up, he smiled. “Mmm, you’re delicious.”

“You…” That had been the hottest thing in history.

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