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Monday, September 25, 2017

Movie Monday

A while ago I went to see the Hitman's Bodyguard and enjoyed it very much. It didn't hurt that I went to see it in a VIP theatre, which means chushy seats that reclined and in seat food. I had yummy popcorn cauliflower. Who would have known that coating and deep frying cauliflower would taste so good? I do now!

So I was in a very good mood and comfy when watching the Hitman's Bodyguard and it was fun and funny and action packed. Ryan Reynolds was great as the straight man, so to speak, to Samuel L. Jackson's funny guy. Jackson was clearly having a blast chewing up the scenery and being over the top. He's a hitman with nothing to lose so for him there were no rules. Ryan Reynolds' character on the other hand, sweated every little detail because he was  hanging on by a thread. I'd totally recommend this one.

And I finally got to watch Wonder Woman yesterday. It was a great movie - definitely the best of the DC Comics movies, imho. It was so great to have a strong female lead. And one who believed in people and love and helping others. 

My favorite line in that was when the secretary was listing all the things she did and Diana tells her that where she comes from they call that slavery. *cackles* 

I appreciated the way they did backstory - made it interesting instead of a slow infodump that you can't wait until it's over. 

This one makes me look forward to Justice League.

I'm hoping to see the new Thor movie next!

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  1. I love those theaters. Last time I went to one it was for Fast and Furious 7. I have the three above on my list though.

  2. Hitman's Bodyguard was a lot of fun so was Logan Lucky LOL And I ABSOLUTELY loved Wonder Woman :D

    Looking forward to Thor