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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday Book Day

I've got two different Christmas stories that I'm self-pubbing this December.

The brand new Hammer book - Twas the Night, which features Marcus and Jim, and Billy and Tanny. Simon and Jeremy, Bellamy and Kerry, Oliver and Jack, Treat and Killian as well as Gordon and Frank are all there as well, at least at the beginning of the evening!

And a reprint - Wicked Gift - which features a couple who invite their best friend over for a week to play Top. Pretty soon, though, no one is just playing and it's very hot.

Twas the Night

The men of the Hammer come together to celebrate the holidays on Christmas Eve, sharing a meal and a toy-filled game of White Elephant. The gifts are as naughty as the men, each one chosen with care. Will everyone go home with exactly what they want?

Featuring Marcus and Jim, and Billy and Montana, along with other Hammer couples.

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Wicked Gift

Alec has the perfect gift for his lover Kono this year -- his best friend Swan.

Kono has a lot of fantasies about being a submissive, while Alec likes to watch and Swan is the best Dom he knows, so a week together fulfilling Kono's fantasies seems like just the ticket.

Of course, he hasn't taken into account that maybe there are stronger feelings at play here between all of them. Will these three men turn out to be exactly what they each need for Christmas this year?

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I think these need some smutty excerpts... we'll have to see what Smutterday brings!

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  1. Seasonal Greetings and thank you for the chance of winning these books

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  3. Would love to win either of these books