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Friday, December 16, 2016

Smutty Advent - Day 16

I have a new release today and today's prize is tied to it. Two plushy animals representing Harry and Metro - the spirit bear and lion shifters from Shifter Rescue: Soul. As usual, leave a comment on this post with your email addy and I'll randomly pick a winner Saturday (or possibly Sunday).

Here's the deets on the ebook Shifter Rescue: Soul, including a bit of a smutty excerpt.

Rescued bear shifter Harry is settling in at the Old Tavern Club, but he's still holding tightly to his secrets, worried that he will not only lose his sanctuary, but his Master Lion's love as well. Any strong emotions bring his talent to the fore, though, leaving swaths of destruction in their wake, and Metro knows it can't continue.

Metro believes he can help Harry find control, but only if Harry talks to him about what happened when Harry was with the Jackals. It's not going to be easy, though, to push past Harry's doubts and fears.

Will the two be able to achieve the peace, joy and control they're working so hard to find together?

It's available now at Changeling Press.
Or you can pre-order it at All Romance Ebooks or Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

Sliding his hand along Harry’s spine, he reached down to cup the sweet ass. It felt right in his hand, like this was right where Harry belonged. He dug in a bit, fingers testing the muscle, the fine skin. And Harry’s reaction. His bear moaned and pushed into the touch, making Metro smile and squeeze harder. There was so much potential between the two of them, and he wanted to hold on to every moment they had together.

Their middles rubbed, cocks sliding against each other in a way that was becoming more familiar each day. His little bear was a sensual sweetheart, the fuzzy balls drawing up with Harry’s eager need.

“Would you like to try tasting me today, Harry? Suck on my cock?” He knew Harry loved sucking, knew his bear was intrigued by the idea.

Harry nodded easily, the bear shifter unfettered by human worries about tasting and licking, and he slid down under the covers to nuzzle the tip of Metro’s cock.

Oh, no. He needed to see this. All of this. He pulled the covers away and shifted to lie on his back. Harry gave him a surprised look, and Metro slid his fingers through the pale curls on Harry’s head. “I want to watch.”

Harry looked confused, but simply nodded in agreement and set back to nuzzling and exploring, rubbing the tip of Metro’s cock with the flat of that hot, slick tongue.

Groaning, Metro spread his legs a little to give his balls room. Each touch made him purr, his little bear’s tongue performing magic on his skin. He wanted more, but he was also revelling in the easy, sweet touches Harry currently shared with him. The exploration made his eyes cross, made him buck and roll as he fought not to take more.

“You’re making me forget myself.” In fact, Harry was making him lose his mind.

“I will remember you, Master Lion.”

“Such a sweet and loving bear.” He stroked Harry’s head again and again, simply taken with Harry, falling harder for this lovely man every day.

Harry hummed softly, head pushing into his touch, the act pure bear, pure animal. Metro continued to stroke for a moment before letting his hand drop away so he wasn’t distracting Harry from the task at hand. He loved the gentle explorations, but he was eager for the suction, eager to feel Harry’s mouth all around him and pulling hard.

It didn’t take long, or much more than a well-formed thought, before Harry’s lips wrapped around the tip of Metro’s cock, the suction sure and sharp, enough to make his eyes cross. His legs twitched hard, but he managed not to buck up, not to push his cock deeper into Harry’s mouth.

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