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Monday, July 4, 2016

My God It's Monday

I know I say this a lot but where the heck has the time gone? Not just this weekend which went ZOOM, but this year. I man it's July already, the year is half over. So - where the heck has the time gone?

This weekend was bracketed by Canada Day and July 4th, which is kind of neat. In many ways we're very similar, but there are definitely differences and I think our celebrations are good examples of that - so close, and yet not the same day.  

Saturday morning was gorgeous and cool, which I adored. And I have to admit I enjoy the lack of humidity. Although we need the rain and we're just not getting it. Everything is so dry. We have late August grass and my cherries are still small and not ready for picking yet - so also quite late which is down to the lack of water.

I put out the first two collections of my old Amber Quill Press titles. Both Revving it Up and At the Office are BDSM story collections. I'll put the deets below. First I wanted to share a couple of sales.

Dreamspinner Stress has all ebook novels marked at $4 for today only. My titles are here. My novels with them include The New Boy, The Perfect Sub, Guarding January, and Amnesia.

And everything at All Romance Ebooks is on a 50% rebate today only. My self-pubbed books are all here.

Revving it Up, a BDSM story collection, brings together four stories that explore different aspects of BDSM. Hot and sexy, these stories sizzle right off the page.

In Revving it Up, Byron likes Jon but the spark seems to be gone. Or is it? A game of truth or dare and a plug just might be exactly what they need. Meanwhile, ten years ago Finn walked away from Tone and the BDSM lifestyle. Today Finn walked out of the kitchen and back into Tone’s life. Could it be too good to be true? Find out in Serving Mr. Right

Next, two couples explore the lifestyle, but from different angles in Spot the Difference. Could twins Christopher and Robin both find exactly what they’re looking for on the same night? Or is it too big of a coincidence to be real?

Finally, in Digging for Gold, Dusty’s job is to get Kenn and his injured shoulder back into shape in time for the Olympics. Will the beach volleyball player be able to focus on getting better and keep his hands off his new trainer?

NOTE: Revving it Up, Serving Mr. Right, Spot the Difference and Digging for Gold were originally published as individual stories by Amber Quill Press.

Available at All Romance Ebooks 
(Amazon link will come when available)

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so it’s a good thing all the men in this collection of BDSM stories play as hard as they work.

At the Office brings together three BDSM stories that focus on working men. Opening with Office Hours, the anthology begins with tenure bound professor Thad Wells. When Thad literally runs into Jay, his head says no, his body says yes. Will his heart be safe as things heat up between them?

In Full Disclosure, Samuel needs a new personal assistant, but maybe new hire Jarrod is getting a little too personal. When Jarrod is sent in to investigate Samuel, he’s immediately attracted. Can he do his job and fulfill his own and Samuel’s fantasies at the same time?

Lastly, Working to Win finds power couple Jason and Bryan struggling. Together for six years, Jason and Bryan have lost their spark. Will some power play games at a winter cabin relight their fire?

NOTE: Office Hours, Full Disclosure, and Working to Win were all previously published as individual stories by Amber Quill Press. 

It's available at All Romance Ebooks.
(I will share the Amazon link when I have it)

Happy fourth and everyone have a great week!

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