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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Suddenly Sunday

Goodness this past week went by so quickly and I feel like I hardly got anything done. That isn't true, I got a lot done, but somehow there's still a lot left to do. I keep thinking that eventually I will be completely caught up and this never happens, not even a little bit. So I think the error is in my thinking and I ought to change my thinking. It would probably be less stressful in the long run.

I was going to go to see The Secret Life of Pets this morning. but the massive line of parents with children waiting go in had me giving it a miss. Instead I picked up a few things I needed and went to the market. I can see the movie some other time.

I picked up cherries at the market. So very damn good. Cherries are my favorite fruit. Like ever. The thing is, I can't eat more than two, and sometimes not even two, at a time. Because they make the inside of my mouth break out and my throat swell. But not these local ones. I can eat as many of these as I like without allergic consequences. I figure that whatever they spray them with to ship up here from where we usually get them is what I'm actually reacting to. Anyway. Yay for cherries I can actually eat!

My AC has died. Thank goodness it wasn't a wretchedly hot weekend and they are coming on Monday to install a new one. It's the closest thing to a good time for it to happen as any. I'm crossing my fingers that the install goes well because we're heading into a hot week and I will be much happier if I'm not sweating to death just from sitting.

There were ducklings on the dog walk today - in the creek. These are a second nesting, because there were little ones back in May and they'd be all big by now and these most definitely were not. They really are adorable. The dog did not try to eat them.

I may still watch a movie today - just from here at home. I have a number on BluRay that I haven't seen yet. I do still have a couple of edits to do, though (well, four actually but they aren't all due back tomorrow) and several submissions to put together, then there's the beta of a story that so far I am enjoying the heck out of , so I'll probably hit that one up instead of the edits... ;)

I'm not making a to do list for tomorrow/this upcoming week until tomorrow morning. That really does seem like a Monday thing.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

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