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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Smutterday - X-Factor

Dreamspinner is re-releasing X-Factor! Yay! It's had a clean-up and a new cover and it will be available on April 27, but you can preorder it now.

Game designer Henry Delloit loves his life, his mountain community, his isolated dream home, and the snow. He also loves that the X-treme Games blow into the area for a month every year, bringing with them hundreds of athletes.

Ecco Rasmussen loves boarding. He knows he’ll never make it to the big time, but as long as he can get on his board and go, he doesn’t care. If only his manager, Blake Dobbs, would cut Ecco a break. The man’s possessive and mean, and believes he owns Ecco.

When Henry and Ecco meet at the Branchberry Games, it’s lust at first sight. An injury on Ecco’s qualifying run offers an opportunity to spend quality time together at Henry’s home, away from the crowds and out from under Blake’s thumb.

At this rate, lust might turn into love, but not if they can’t keep their romance hidden from Blake.

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smutty excerpt:

Henry smiled the entire way home. Not just smiled, he sang along with the radio, not even caring that he’d done nearly three hours round trip just for dinner. He’d have gone a lot farther to see Ecco. He wondered how big of a stalker it would make him if he followed Ecco not only to the other two local games, but also to some of the ones farther afield.

He’d never been so taken with a boarder. Sure, he loved the type, loved going to the local X Games and hanging out around them, watching them with their love of fun and joy for life. This was different, though. Something about Ecco drew him in, and he wanted to spend more time with the boarder, find out if there was more there than just a hot little body and flirty blue eyes.

One day at a time, he reminded himself. One games at a time. Ecco had said he wanted to come after the Branchberry Games were over, spend his downtime with Henry. He loved that idea and really hoped it worked out. The more he thought about it, the happier it made him.

He pulled up into the driveway at his place, the motion-detection lights coming on and making the night bright. It had turned even more bitter with the setting of the sun, and he sprinted from his SUV to the front door, tugging the keys out of his pocket. After letting himself in, he hung his coat on the rack by the door and made his way to the living room and the fire he’d left ready to start. He didn’t bother with lights. He knew his way around by heart, and besides, the moon made the snow shine brightly through the back wall of windows.

Lighting the fire was his first task, and he couldn’t help but think about what Ecco’s skin would look like by firelight. There went his cock, springing back to hardness. The drive home had been long enough to deflate him, but it seemed it didn’t take much to reverse that.

That decided him, and he stripped off his clothes, piling them on the couch before settling on a blanket on one of the beanbag chairs he had in front of the fire. Was it pervy to be thinking about Ecco as he jerked off? Maybe if Ecco hadn’t been flirting with him, interested in him, but the man was, so… no guilt. Henry was going to do this.

He wasn’t sure he could have jerked off without Ecco drifting into his thoughts anyway, so he just went with it.

Closing his eyes, he settled more comfortably. Heat from the fire washed over him, keeping his skin warm, almost like the heat of a lover’s body. He imagined that lover was Ecco. He could see the man in his mind’s eye—the sturdy, muscled body, the tight abs with the spiky black tattoo he’d caught a glimpse of, the blond curls, and those bright blue eyes. God, Ecco was gorgeous.

Groaning, Henry pulled on his prick, his hand still fairly loose and easy. He remembered Ecco doing the handstand at the chalet. He imagined watching Ecco make his run down the mountain, flying over the features. Even in the bulky snowsuit, Ecco’s body looked fine.

He tightened his hand a little, ramping things up a bit. He imagined what it would be like to kiss those pretty lips, imagined them coated with the powder from the spun sugar and pursed, looking for his kiss. The moans Ecco’d made while eating sounded in his imagination, going straight to his balls. Would Ecco sound like that when they made love?

Thumb slipping across the tip of his cock, Henry groaned. A shudder moved through him, and he did it again, pressing harder this time. The third time, he stopped long enough to tease the slit, push into it just a little. That could be Ecco’s tongue. The thought was even better than the sensation, and Henry whimpered, his hips beginning to buck, to push his cock through his fingers.

He replayed their dinner, Ecco’s smile and flirting flashing behind his lids. He pulled harder on his cock, his breath coming faster as he got closer to the edge. Spreading his legs, he dug his heels into the rug as he reached down with his free hand to cup his balls. He rubbed a finger along the skin behind his balls and gasped as he found just the right spot to make everything spark softly.

From there it was just a matter of working himself harder, faster, his hand flying on his skin. His back bowed as he got closer and closer, his entire body straining to get there.

Then suddenly he did, heat spraying up over his hand as he came, Ecco’s name on his lips. He jacked his cock a few more times, pulling out the last few drops of spunk. Collapsing back with a gasp, his hands dropped to his sides.

Panting, sated, he thought of Ecco and smiled goofily.

Oh man, he had it bad.

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