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Monday, April 4, 2016

My God It's Monday

And a Monday that really feels like a Monday. I'm off to RT a week today (Will already be there in fact if there are no problems with my flights - my first flight leaves here at 5:30 am... it was that or get in at nearly midnight and this way I have the day there with nothing scheduled).

Anyway, point is that I need to be organized by the weekend so all I have to do on the weekend is pack and relax. Ha. Organized. Right. I am going to try, though...

I've got a contest going. Just send a email to me at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) for a chance to win this lined notebook. I'll randomly draw a winner on Friday.

I'll be giving a number of those away at RT, along with some books, and other swag. I'm also bringing some Canada themed temporary tattoos, so if you see me and want one, just let me know!

I have a new series that just presented itself last weekend and it's going like gangbusters. So yay for that. The noisy noisy ones are always special and appreciated. Not that the aren't all special, of course, but when they write like candy, that makes it more fun.

Speaking of candy, I am bringing chocolate bars that aren't available in the US with me to RT. Mostly in the small sizes they hand out at Halloween that they are now making available year round. They call these 'fun sized'. Frankly, that's a lie. They are like a tenth of the size of a regular chocolate bar -- how is that fun? But it does mean I have more to hand out.

The new cover as my background today is for X-Factor. This novel is a reprint -- thank you very much Dreamspinner for re-releasing it for me. It is currently available for pre-order and will be available for download on April 27.

And I have a story in a spec fic anthology. 14 authors, 14 stories, each about either a cardinal sin or virtue. I did prudence and I had to keep reminding the characters this was supposed to be a 10000 word story. In the end, I planned six novels that I will write when I've done with the Windbrothers series. That was the only thing that kept them at 10K, though! Anyway. The best part is that this book is free! It's currently available to pre-order!

I hope everyone's Monday is going well and have a great week!

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  1. OOoh love the new cover! (background) and that anthology sounds really interesting! UGH my Monday started with hubby telling me one of his tires was flat at 0550 /o\ calling Triple A, hubs taking kid to school and being late to work while I took car to dealership & then spent almost 4 hours and $1K there! *sigh* Def don't want to repeat that day.

    YAY for you going to RT - UGH I wish I was going *sigh*

    Have fun though!