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Monday, August 6, 2018

Movie Monday

Saw Ready Player One on Blu-ray and I have to say that I loved it! Now that was an enjoyable couple hours.

I'll just leave

a little space

for those who

want to back

away before they

read any spoilers.

I loved a lot about this movie. Most of all I enjoyed seeing all the references to other movies and how that was built into the storyline. I definitely want to go back and see it a second time, this time watching specifically for references.

It was neat because it referenced back to the early days of video games - I know I'm not the only one who remembers pong! - all the way through to the future. Which, given that I have family members who have virtual reality glasses and sit there with them on, looking silly as they emerse themselves in the video game, isn't really that far-fetched at all.

The storyline was good. They characters were great - I especially liked seeing how they all looked outside of the game compared to their avatars. And the running gag of the kid who was eleven which was such a surprise to everyone who knew him from the game first was fun.

The bad guys were really bad. And the kids got everyone involved. As I said, I loved all the references to sci-fi/fantasy movies and games through the ages.

I definitely reccomend this one simply on it's own merits.

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  1. I LOVED Ready Player One - it was so much fun and all those references...were just AMAZING - it was so much fun, hubby and I went back to see it at the cheap theater :D

    Katherine Halle

    1. Cool! THe son went with his friends at the theatre, while we waited for it to come out and he hated that he couldn't rave about it to us because we didn't want spoilers!