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Monday, January 1, 2018

Movie Monday

I'm going to start 2018's movie monday with Star Wars - the Last Jedi! I saw it in the theatre in 3D. I do love that you can buy your tickets ahead of time and reserve your actual seats. Gone are the days of having to show up an hour ahead to buy your ticket and get in line so you can run for a good seat.

On to the movie - stop reading if you don't want spoilers.

I loved this movie. I really loved this movie.

It was everything that is good about Star Wars and held my attention from beginning to end. There were lots of strong female characters and good diversity. Lots of bots and secondary characters I cared about. It was great to have not only CP30 and R2D2 back, but BB8 and Chewbacca as well.

The CGI was brilliant - the ice foxes were stunning and beautiful. Everything is so seamless now compared to when the original movies came out. It's like all that stuff really exists.

I loved having Chewy back. I loved the semi-homage to Hoth with the mineral planet where they hid out. And I loved how the duel between Luke and Kal had lots of hints about how Luke wasn't actually there. Luke's death was gorgeous, too, with him fading into the force, his robe floating off in the wind.

The scene where the rebel ship hyperjumps into the First Order's flagship was stunning.

And yes, I got verklempt when the dedication - In loving memrory of our princess, Carrie Fisher - came up on the screen at the end of the movie. The whole movie was a great homage to her, really.

I came out of the movie, wanting to see it again right away, and preferably in the theatre. This doesn't happen often - oh, there's plenty of movies I want to see again, but I'm usually quite happy to wait until it comes out in blu-ray. While I probably won't go again in the theatres, I totally want to.

So at least two thumbs up for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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