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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Instant Pot Adventures

So, I found an Instant Pot for a good price while out Christmas shopping late last year (I love being able to call within the last three weeks 'last year') and so I picked it up. I love that the company that makes it is here in Ottawa. Talk about buying local.

So far I love it. And, unlike a lot of stuff, I've been willing to experiment with it.

The very first thing I made was beef stew. It was yummy and the meat was so succulent. Plus it took an hour from start of veggie cutting until being able to eat it and how cool is that?

I did rice in it. Non-instant rice in ten minutes. Very cool. Rice poudding was also created in it. Again yum.

I made chili. Almost but not quite too spicy and again, done in less than an hour.

Yesterday I wanted danish red cabbage and while the recipe I found for it didn't call for the same thing to put in with the cabbage, I just used the time settings then invented my own additives. A cup of cranberry juice and a cup of vinegar with a couple tablespoons of sugar. I probably should have put a little bit of salt on it, though that's easy enough to add when it goes on the plate. It turned out well - 10 minutes of Instant Potting instead of severl hours on the stove - so cool! It needs more vinegar, but is otherwise very good. And probably most people would say it's vinegary enough, I'm just a freak who likes things vinegar forward.

I also made black eyed peas for supper the other night. Didn't soad them overnight, didn't have them simmering all day long. They went into the pot hard, six cups of water were added along with a couple tablespoons of better than bouillon (and the recipe claimed that they didn't need anymore seasoning than that - really? I beg to differ.) I added a tablespoon of cumin, another of garlic powder and yet another of chili. They were a great consistency and not bad flavor, though I'd have liked there to be a bit of a kick, so I will add a half tablespoon of chili more next time.

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