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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Halloweenpalooza - Day 5 - Smutterday post

I wrote a wonderfully kinky and fun demon story last year. It was a smuttapalooza!

Once You Go Demon

There's a shift of power happening in Hell, and nothing will ever be the same.

Kerr has been with High Demon Horatio's household since his age of majority. A natural submissive pleasure demon, for the last seven years he has been untouched by his master Horatio and his job has morphed into a more managerial role. Still, it's a shock when goons from Master Belial's house arrive at his doorstep to inform him he's been sold and his new master expects him to come immediately.

Lost by Horatio in a card game, Kerr finds himself in the Belial household, where Ceris, Master of the Harem, takes Kerr under his wing. Kerr is not only honored and used as he was made to be, but he is given a newly acquired demon, Harmony, as his own to train. The three pleasure demons have a rocky start, but they have all the time in Hell to figure out how to work together, and it isn't long before they begin to care for one another.

Meanwhile, Belial has waited for thousands of years for Horatio to admit he's actually a submissive. When it appears that's never going to happen, Belial arranges for his best friend to lose a card game in which he's offered himself as the prize. Horatio can't believe Belial would do this for him, but the council puts their seal of approval on the bet, and he has no choice but to offer himself to Belial, who immediately gets to work convincing Horatio that he'll be so much happier as Belial's sub.

Will Kerr and Horatio find joy in their places in the Belial household? Only time will tell.

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Smutty excerpt:

Kerr went up on tiptoe and offered Ceris an impulsive kiss.

Ceris looked surprised, but pleased, and he grabbed the back of Kerr’s neck, keeping him in place as Ceris deepened the kiss. He opened wide, so eager for the attention. Still kissing him, Ceris picked him up and carried him to the side of his bed. He melted, his entire focus snapping to his master. Ceris laid him down on his mattress, following but not putting the entire weight down onto him Still, he could feel the strength and the heat of his Ceris against every part of him. He swore he could feel Harmony’s gaze on them, watching them. He arched up against all that strength, the wonderful muscles hard, the skin that covered them warm. He reached up, fingers wrapping around Ceris’ horns. The horn in the middle of Ceris’ body grew for him, hard and hot against his belly, and he arched against it, eager for its touch.

“Such a sweet slut of a demon.” Ceris bit at his earlobe, making it sting.

“Thank you, Master.” Yes. Yes, he felt like he was parched land getting rain.

Ceris rolled against him in a long, sweet movement, that cock riding his belly, his hips. “I will fill you, then plug you again so that you need all the night long.”

A soft whimper came from the cage, but he didn’t know if it was happy or sad or scared or turned on. It didn’t matter, though, because Kerr himself was happy, eager anticipation filling him at Ceris’ words.

“Yes, boy, I know how to use you properly, how to use your need.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you. Thank you. Please.” He babbled because he had no choice.

“You beg so prettily. Are you taking note, little pet? Are you listening to how your Provider needs and wants whatever pleasures and pains his Master offers?”

Another whimper came from the cage, though this one might have been a “Yes, Sir.” If he held his head just right.

“His training is perfect, his need delicious, and his hunger huge.”

Every word Master Ceris said honored Kerr more deeply.

Master Ceris took his mouth in a kiss that burned him all the way to his toes, and one hand played with his horns, rubbing them roughly so need shot through his body like lightning. Then the kiss was gone, Master Ceris turning him over and arranging him on hands and knees, his thighs spread wide, his ass high in the air.

“I know your ass is ready for me, not only because of the plug, but because I told you it must be so as long as you live your days here in the harem.” Ceris patted his ass, before pulling out the plug that filled him with little fanfare. Then he felt the hot, blunt head of Ceris’ enormous cock at his hole, pushing insistently.

He bore back, eager and ready, hungry for the pressure. Ceris moved slowly, the thick cock seeming to take the longest time to spread his hole. Then all of a sudden, it was in and sinking all the way in until Ceris’ hips pressed against his ass.

Ceris reached underneath him and began to work his nipples, pinching and pulling them rhythmically, stretching them and twisting them. His body tightened, his ass working Ceris’ cock. Every time Ceris pinched or twisted, he squeezed, bearing down hard around the thick heat inside him.

“Hungry slut, you need beautifully. You hurt so well.”

Ceris’ words made him shiver, anticipation sitting heavily in his belly. Letting go of his nipples, Ceris slapped his cock and thrust in again at the same time. His prick bounced, swaying between his parted thighs. Ceris hummed and thrust and slapped again, the sensations going right through him. It felt so very good. Then the pressure to his nipples returned, driving him to arch his back, push into the touches.

“That’s it. You know you need it. You know you want it.” Ceris began slamming in, letting him have it.

“Yes, Master. Yes. I need.” He’d craved this glorious attention, this deep ache.

Ceris pushed in harder, banging up against his gland to light him on fire.


The next slam made his eyes cross, and he begged for more.

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