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Monday, October 2, 2017

Halloweenpalooza - Day 2

I usually do Movie Mondays on Monday, but I thought as it's Halloweenpalooza I'd share a snippet from one of my WiPs that involves movie-watching.

So, I'm working on the next Mannies book (currently untitled) which I'm hoping to have out in December. This is from that - completely unedited.

“Should we do a scary movie?” Tenor asked. “I like a clever one, as long as I don’t have to watch it alone.”

“Sure, why not? You have any suggestions?” Daniel had written one or two scary scores.

“Are there any you’ve done the music for?” Looked like Tenor was on the same wavelength.

“A few. I did “Why?” and “Don’t Hide”.” They’d been a blast, to be honest.

“I haven’t seen either of those. Let’s see if Netflix has either of them.” Tenor settled on the love seat and got the TV turned on, working the remote like a pro.

“I’ll check on Brit and make sure the monitor is working.” He grabbed the receiver end of the little walkie talkie looking thing and turned it on before heading for Brit’s bedroom.

She was an angel, sleeping hard, her face at peace. He felt the surge of love for her he always felt when he saw her. Would he feel the same way with his own girls? He certainly hoped so.

He checked the monitor - the light was on. He whispered, “test, test, test,” near the monitor, then backed out and went to Tenor’s suite again.

“I totally heard you testing the monitor.”

“Excellent. Those are handy, aren’t they?”

“They rock. And for a lot longer than kids being babies. I found “Don’t Hide” on Netflix and it’s all cued up. You want some popcorn? I bought myself a little microwave and snack supplies.”

“Not yet, thank you. I’m still full from the noodles.”

“Yeah, you don’t eat a ton. I’m not going to have any then, because I may have to grab you out of fear and I don’t want to get greasy hand prints all over you - Ella would tease you forever.”

“She would. I’ll make sure to sit closer.” Was that flirty?

Tenor smiled and it was sweet, maybe a little flirty, too. “I’ll try not to grab you too hard.”

“I’m stronger than I look.”

“Then I won’t worry about it, I’ll just grab.” Tenor got the movie going and shifted slightly, their shoulders touching.

He was just sitting and enjoying Tenor, listening to the music, half watching the ghost story. About half-way through the movie, Tenor jumped about a foot in the air at a scary part, and reached for him with both hands, a soft gasp filling the air.

Tenor’s fingers dug into his arm for a moment, then Tenor let go and rubbed his skin. “Sorry. That one got me,” Tenor whispered.

“I have you. I have you.” He wrapped their fingers together.

“Gonna keep me safe?” Tenor settled a little closer and kept holding on.

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  1. How cute! I can't wait for the release

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    1. thank you! the last one had ALL the kids *grins*

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