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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smutterday - In Time of Need

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt of In Time of Need.

Chip McMullen has always wanted to know what it was like to really bottom, but has never voiced his desires to anyone until the evening he’s nursing a beer after a shot to his shoulder that was stopped by his vest. He runs into Dawson Sorenson at the bar and the two of them get to talking.

Chip knows Dawson is gay like him, out but not loud about it. Maybe that’s why he finds himself confessing a few of his desires to the man. Dawson suggests Chip check out the Bloody Rose if that’s the kind of thing Chip wants.

Can Chip admit just how far his needs go to himself and make the trek to the Bloody Rose?

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Smutty Excerpt: 

“Get up and follow me. Two steps behind. Don’t look at anyone.” Daws licked his earlobe. “You can watch my ass.”

Part of Chip refused, roared in fury, but a bigger part, the part that needed, nodded.

“Good boy.” Daws took Chip’s mouth again, tongue fucking his lips like it was a reward. Then Daws straightened, turned, and headed toward the back of the club.

Chip followed, his muscles tight and hard, his cheeks on fire. Daws never even looked back once. Chip wasn’t sure if it was hot or insulting that Daws was that sure of him. Chip was beginning to think he wasn’t sure of anything, except the ache in his cock.

When they went through the door at the back of the club, it opened up into a corridor with doors at regular intervals. The noise of the club faded behind them. Daws stopped at one of the doors and opened it with a keycard, turning to smile at Chip, eyes meeting his unerringly.

Chip was trying real hard to keep his shit together, to breathe.

When Daws reached for him, Chip went automatically. Daws took his hand and tugged him into the room, the door closing behind them. It wasn’t skanky at all. There was a bed, a chair and a table, soft lighting.

“I…I don’t know what to do next, man.” It was as honest as he could be.

“Sit on the bed and relax a minute. Tell me why you came.” Daws went to the big chair, turned it to face the bed, and lounged on it, legs spread.

Chip sat. “I was curious.” I want someone to fuck me, to really fuck me hard. I want to see if it’s as hot as I dream it is.

“You knelt for me. That’s good. I know what you want, and I’m going to give it to you. There’s lube and condoms on the table there. Make sure the lube’s open, the condom easy to reach from the bed.”

“Okay.” Chip reached out, forcing his hands not to shake as he did what he was asked. Told.

“Good boy.” Daws’ voice was soft, and a little rough—husky. “Now come over here and kneel between my legs.”

Breathe, Chip. Just breathe. You can leave, whenever you want to. He moved, taking careful steps, kneeling like his knees were made of glass.

Daws made an appreciative noise. “Sexy fucker.” The words made kneeling less humiliating, more erotic. “Open up my leathers, baby. You’re going to get me good and hard, ready to take your ass.”

Chip moaned, deep in his chest, and this time his hands were shaking. Daws’ hand slid over Chip’s scalp again, tugging on his short hair. His head bobbed with the sting, his fingers opening up the complicated fly on the leather plants. Daws groaned, legs spreading wider. Chip could see the way Daws’ prick pushed at the leathers, like it was eager to get to him, to get out.

“How did you get these on?” Chip eased the zipper down, making sure his fingers protected Daws’ cock.

Daws’ chuckle slid right through him. “I wasn’t hard at the time.”

Well, the man certainly was now, and Chip hoped it was for him.

Thick, red, hard and huge, Daws was extremely well hung. “Get me wet, baby. I want you.”

Chip didn’t even pretend that he didn’t know what Daws wanted. He leaned in, wrapped his lips around the heavy cock and started sucking. Daws’ groan was gratifying and the hand in Chip’s hair tightened, but Daws didn’t guide him or force him.

Soft words poured down around him. “Sweet baby boy, you’ve got a mouth made for sucking. Look so good on your knees. Gonna fuck you so good. You’re going to scream for me.”

Chip groaned, spreading his thighs to make room for his aching cock.

“That’s it, baby. Suck it like the sweet fucking cocksucker you are. Gonna reward you so good.” Daws’ thumb pushed into Chip’s lips alongside the thick cock.

The words poured over Chip, and he groaned, his muscles going tight.

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