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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Smutterday - Breaking Cover

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt from Breaking Cover.

Home for six months after an undercover assignment at Testing Leather, a BDSM club, Homicide detective Brian Hurley can't shake the memories, or the feelings he developed, for undercover partner Griffin McManus.

Griffin's having his own problems in the aftermath of the job, and he shows up on Brian's doorstep, hoping one last night together will allow him to put it all behind him.

Will reconnecting as themselves help them let go, or will they find everything they need in each other?

Originally released by a different publisher.

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Smutty Excerpt:

Griff hit his knees with a groan, his entire fucking body on fire, his balls screaming.

He was a fucking fool. Insane. Stupid. Whatever. It didn’t matter, so long as Brian gave him what he needed.

Brian walked up to him, long, muscled legs encased in denim, bulge right there, and Griff’s lips parted, his throat working, and suddenly he missed his collar, the weight, the pressure.

“Yeah, I can see how much you want it, boy. How much you need it.” Brian popped the button on his jeans.

“I can’t fucking forget it.” Griff moaned, damned near fucking the air.

“Get my prick out. Use your mouth and then you can suck it.”

Griff nodded, almost coming in his jeans when Brian grabbed his head, forcing him to look up. His fucking mouth was dry, but he managed the husky, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. For a moment I thought you’d forgotten your manners, boy.”

He licked his lips. “It’s been a long time, Sir. Maybe you forgot me.”

“I don’t think so.” Brian grabbed his ear and yanked his head back. “Now do as you’re told. Boy.”
Griff moaned, lips on the tab of Brian’s jeans, tugging the zipper open. He could feel the heat of Brian’s gaze on him.

“That’s right, boy. Just like that.”

The too-familiar desire hit him, dead in the balls. Brian was going commando; that fat, wonderful prick slapped Griff right in the face. The low moan that came from Brian made Griff’s balls ache harder.

He opened up, stood tall on his knees, and slowly dropped his mouth over Brian’s prick without even touching it ‘til he got to the base.

“Oh, fuck, I’ve missed you.”

Not this. Not getting sucked. But him.

He looked up at Brian, for a second seeing Nick. His Nick. His Sir towering over him. Then he wrapped tight around that fat cock, sucking with all he was.

“Yeah. Fuck, Sam. Griff. Griff. Sorry.” The word ended on another moan, and Brian started to fuck Griff’s mouth.

Griff closed his eyes, relaxed, let his throat open. God, yes. Yes. Please. Harder, faster. Brian gave it to him like no one else ever had. That hand wrapped around his head as Brian fucked his face, stole his breath.

“Mine. You hear me? Mine.” With that, Brian came down Griff’s throat, spunk filling him.

He swallowed hard, not losing a drop, his nuts like lead balls. Brian held him tight, his nose buried against those pubes for a long moment. Then the man slowly pulled out.

A needy, whining sound escaped him. He hurt. He needed.

Brian bent and whispered in his ear, “Come, boy.”

Griff’s entire body arched, and he screamed as his balls emptied themselves, the world going grey and sparkly around the edges.

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