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Friday, March 11, 2016

My God It's Friday

I don't know. Time is going faster every single day and I can't believe we're well into March already!

I seem to get a cold every spring - once the temps start doing that yo-yo thing where it's cold like heck a couple days, then so warm it's raining, then back down, then back up, etc, I get a cold. It's a little early this year, but then so is spring. And I can't complain - this is my first cold this winter. But man did it kick my ass. I've been a lump for a week. I am getting back into the swing of things again, though. Of course that just shows me how behind I am on everything. Yikes!

I've got one book available on pre-order - The Perfect Sub and Beer & Clay: Fermenting is now available at the distributors - All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

Coming next week is the second book in the Losing His Cover series. This one is called Home and continues Alex and Bruce's story.

 All my lovely snow is melting quickly. Luckily I also enjoy spring when the days start warming and there are light breezes that are actually warm. I like the smell of the dirt melting too. And because we went from unseasonably warm to winter this year, everything is just melting into the ground so the huge slushy puddles are actually at a minimum. Those slushy puddles are my least favorite thing about spring, so yay.

Last thing before I get back to the to do list - I'm doing a contest. Just send me an email - seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) - before the end of day today for a chance to win this adorable stuffed polar bear.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. BUMMER I didn't see this until today because that is a VERY CUTE polar bear!!!! And I LOVE polar bears LOL> Hope it went to a good home <3333

    Hope you're feeling better as well, spring colds suck!