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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday

The Jarheads have come up a lot for me over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I should talk about them for Throwback Thursday.  Here are some thoughts, a reading order, a contest and a smutty excerpt!

Three Day Passes was published back in 2003. My very first book published. I love these guys so very much and all I have to do is think about them and they are right there at the forefront of my mind. A lot of the characters, once they get their story, that's it and I never really think about them again. There are exceptions to that, and Rock, Rig and Dick are right at the top of that exceptions list.

After Three Day Passes came Tempering, and then Out of the Closet. Then, I went back and wrote Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Personal Leave, which both take place BD - Before Dick. Then I finished them up with On the Sand. Along the way there were a ton of  short stories, and some novellas. I've written so many words with them that they very much feel real to me.

Some folks who start with the BD books feel that Dick needs his own man, but for me, they're a threesome through and through and Dick belongs with Rock and Rig and no one else.

One of my favorite comments from a reader with these boys was along the lines of: I started reading this book and thought it was just porn, but as I continued to read, I realized it really is a love story.  Rock, Rig and Dick are the ultimate example for me of how my boys talk with their bodies way more than with their words. The words "I love you" are not spoken often in this book, but I believe that you can't read these books and doubt that these guys love each other more than anything.

Now I'm all nostalgic and I can hear them in my head, clear as day.

If you haven't yet and want to check them out, here is the series list.

So the reading order. Well, it depends on whether you want to read them in chronological order or in the order I wrote them. The short stories and novellas fit in and around the novels, so I'd read the novels first and then the extras. Here's the chronological listing (see above for which books were actually written first.)

Reading Order

Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Personal Leave
Three Day Passes
Out of the Closet
On the Sand
Dog Tags and Cowboy Boots
Everyday Stories
The Jarhead Novellas
More Jarheads Shorts


Leave a comment on the post and one commentor will be randomly chosen to win an ebook copy of all ten books! I will do the draw on Monday - so get your comment in before then.

So now it's excerpt time, and of course, it being the Jarheads, only a smutty excerpt will do! This is how it all began, the first words I wrote featuring Rock, Rig and Dick. I included the very first section even though it's not smutty simply because it is the very beginning. Anyway, this is long, but then so are the Jarheads. (And Rock says he's thick, too)

smutty excerpt:

Chapter One

The day was fucking perfect.

George Strait on the stereo, brisket on the grill, can of Ranch Style beans on the counter (thank you, Momma) just waiting to be heated up. There was a case of beer in the fridge, a fifth of tequila in the freezer, and a three-day weekend looking him in the face. He'd thrown a batch of scrubs into the washer, thrown on his jeans and one of Rock's old t-shirts. He'd been gone for a few days, quick trip down to Panama to do some training and back. No injuries, no emergencies -- just flying down, some fake fucking blood and assholes getting out of duty pretending to be injured, and flying home. Bing, bang, boom.

Rig wandered out to the backyard, gave Grim some fresh water, checked the brisket, threw a rock at the fence in hopes of shutting up that yapping fucking beast from next door, then headed back in. He grabbed a beer and settled on the couch, flipping past Jeopardy and Jenny Jones and stopping on Emergency Vets. Oooh...the innards of a turtle. Pretty fucking cool.

The front door banged open, Rock's voice calling out. "Honey, I'm home!" Before he could reply, Rock's head popped around the wall. "I brought company -- you decent?"

"In body if not in spirit, Rocketman." He grinned at his own personal marine. Shit, but the man looked good in BDUs. "Who came to play? Reed? Wendling? Gonzales?"

"Nope, new meat." Rock came around the corner, dragging a kid, not quite as tall as Rock, looking as green as this morning. "Come on, Dick-head."

"Name's not Dick-head," muttered the kid.

He nodded over, looking at Rock with one raised eyebrow. This didn't look like something Rock usually dragged home. "Hey kid, name's Rigger." He didn't move, just watched, taking a swig of his beer.

"Richard Main." The kid held out his hand and Rock smacked it.

"Grab a seat, Cherry-Pie." Rock flung himself down on the couch next to Rigger and grabbed his beer, helping himself to a long swig. "Friggin’ barracks are full-up and the CO's got us teaming up with newbies straight out of basic. Dickie-boy here is my cherry and I get to keep him until something opens up. Supposed to be fast-tracking them up to speed or something. I don't know, I just do as I'm told."

"Pushy asshole. There's a case of longnecks in the friggin' icebox." He grinned and snatched his beer back. "So, you're set to abusing the young'uns again. You'd think they'd learned after what happened to the last set." Fuck, but he loved teasing the cherries.

"Last time?" The kid's voice squeaked.

"Mm-hmm." He stretched lazily, making sure Rock got a look at his crotch. "Was classified, of course, but I'm a medic on base, so I heard everything. Poor sweet kids."

The kid was looking from him to Rock and back again, mouth hanging open. Rock was just looking at his crotch.

"Either sit down or go fetch yourself a beer." He arched an eyebrow, shifting his hips. "You are legal, right kid?"

"I won't tell anyone if you don't. I mean -- if he's gonna fuck me up the least you can do is give me a beer, right?" The kid looked at him a moment. "Fridge?"

He pointed through the arched doorway. "Kitchen. Watch for Grim. He's likely to be sleeping in there."

"Grim?" The kid was squeaking again.

"Yup. Mastiff. One hundred and ten pounds. White teeth, black nose and ears. Sleeps by the back door. You can’t miss him." He'd kick Rock's ass if the asshole laughed now. Grim was quite possibly the biggest wuss in the state, but he looked like a killer -- at least until his tail started wagging.

"Is he gonna think I'm stealing the fucking beer?"

"I hope not. They say you shouldn't act scared -- it just pisses 'em off worse."

Dick snorted. "Gee thanks."

"Get me one, too, Dickweed." The kid flipped Rock off and headed toward the kitchen.

Rigger chuckled, "Damn, Rock. Could you have gotten a greener one?"

"They were all pretty fucking green." Rock let his hand slide down Rigger's thigh. "This one though..." Rock shrugged. "He felt right, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, Rock, I got it." He hummed, stretching beneath Rock's big hands. "He's got a nice little body, too. You're damned good at picking 'em."

"Years of practice." Rock gave him a grin, hand sliding to tease his cock for just a moment. "So how was Panama?"

"Hot, wet, fucking mosquitoes everywhere." He pouted dramatically when Rock's hand fell to rest below his knee. "Did you have to bring company today, Rock? How long's he staying?"

"What? You don't like your present?"

He grinned. "You're sure he'll play, Blue?"

Rock shrugged and stole his beer. "Like you said, I'm damned good at picking 'em. I'm betting he's pure cherry and will jump at a chance at that mouth of yours."

The cherry walked in, two beers in hand, Grim bouncing along happily behind him. "I met your killer."

"Ooooh...they do have sarcasm where you come from. Impressive." Rigger grinned and held his hand out for Grim who came to slobber and snuggle and irritate the fuck out of Rock, which was his real job in life.

"Oh, no, I meant it. Nearly drowned to death in dog drool."

Rock laughed even as he shifted away, handing Rig back his half-drunk beer and snagging one of the new ones off the kid. The kid sat down in the easy chair, looking a little more at ease.

"So, Rocketman, you get a three-day, too, or are you gonna have to blow the kid up on Monday?" He finished his beer and grimaced. It was warm. He should have gotten the kid to get him a bottle, too.

"Nah, three-days all around, the kid's safe until Tuesday." Dick flipped them both off, the experience with Grim obviously making him doubt Rigger's dire warnings about Rock.

Rigger chuckled and leaned back, looking backward at the kid. "So, spill. Where're you from? Why the fuck did you sign up? All that shit."

The kid sighed and took a long swig of his beer. "Indiana and the marines was the lesser of several evils."

"Ain't nothing wrong with being a marine," Rock informed them both with his best and-anyone-who-tells-me-different-will-hear-from-my-fists look.

"Yes, Rock. The marines are stunning and fabulous and the only career choice for a real man. Semper fi, the few the proud, etc., etc." He grinned at Rock, possibly the only man alive confident and foolhardy enough to push the old bastard on this point.

"Fuck you, asshole."

"Time and place, Marine."

"Anytime, anyplace -- a marine is always ready."

A glance at Dick confirmed the kid was watching them with quiet fascination.

"You forget we have company, smartass?" He grinned at Rock. "You're gonna scare the cherry into apoplexy."

"If he's got a problem I know where I can get his ass blown to shit on Tuesday."


"Oh, relax, Dickwad -- nobody dies on my watch. I'm fucking good at what I do."

"And just think, kid, the Rock here does blow you up, I'll just patch your ass back up. I'm a flight medic. Patching Marines is what I do."

Dick was looking back and forth between the two of them, putting two and two together and coming up with a hundred and four. "So you two..."

"Drink beer and fight over the comfy spot on the fucking couch?" Rigger looked the kid square in the eyes. "Yeah, all the damned time."

The kid nodded and took another sip of his beer.

"So if you don't mind the wrestling or the fucking dog drool, you can bunk here this weekend," Rock offered. "Well as long as you don't mind, Rig. It's his house," Rock finished, patting Rigger on the thigh.

Rigger looked at Rock, eyebrow raised. Rock must be sure of the kid, or he'd have never offered. "Sure, kid. Any friend of Rock's and all that."

"Thanks." The kid's eyes were glued to where Rock's hand rested on his thigh and fuck if Dick didn't pull his lower lip in between his teeth.

"There's a spare bedroom down the hall, past the bathroom. Only one of those, sorry." Rigger stretched again, humming softly before he stood. "Got a brisket on the grill, Rock. You hungry?"

"Oh, yeah." Rock's voice made it clear he wasn't talking about food, but he left it at that.

Dick stood and put his beer down. "I guess I should get my gear out of your hall then."

"Make yourself at home. Get the big guy to help, if you need it. Supper'll be ready in two shakes." He walked to the kitchen, giving his walk a little extra oomph just for Rock.

Hell, he figured if the kid didn't play, their days of Monday night football fucks were over. The old bastard deserved to suffer.


He was lying on the couch, his head on Rock's lap, Grim doing his damnedest to crawl up onto the sofa with them, the kid laughing his ass off. They'd polished off a couple of beers and three-quarters of the brisket before heading back into the front room to watch some George Carlin special.

Dick was having a ball, laughing like he'd never seen a fucking comedian before. Rig was amusing himself by alternately teasing Rock and playing with Grim. Right now it was Grim's turn.

"That damn dog actually gets up here and I'm locking the two of you in the backyard for the night," Rock informed him.

"Bitch." He imbued the term with affection.

"Grim wishes."

The kid broke up into laughter again and Rigger couldn't be sure if it was at something on the TV or Rock.

"Nah, Grim's been fixed, unlike you, Dickwad." He stretched, letting the back of his hand trail against Rock's balls, rubbing gently. Rock rumbled happily for him, legs shifting beneath his head, opening.

"Still hungry, Rocketman?" Actually, the question was -- was he still hungry? The answer, of course, was fuck, yes.

"Fuck, yes." Rock's quiet words echoed his thoughts. A big hand slid over his head, wrapping around the back of his skull and turning him to face the bulge in Rock's pants. He opened his mouth to ask if this was smart, if Rock really wanted to do this in front of the kid. But when his lips parted, they brushed against the hard cock just encased in thin grey workout pants and he forgot to say anything. Rock moaned and shifted again, pushing closer.

Dick cleared his throat. "You guys…uh, want me to disappear?"

Rig looked up at Rock as his tongue swiped out, pushing against the hot flesh inside soft cotton.

Rock moaned again, eyes hot and never leaving his face. "If you want, but you don't have to."

"Oh." The small sound was a little shocked and a lot aroused. "I can... I can watch?"

Rig took another lick, pushing harder at the fabric, smiling as Rock moaned. "You can play."

"Oh." It was more of a gasp this time.

"You don't have to," Rock's eyes flicked away from his for a moment, looking over at the kid. "Go, stay, play, it's all up to you."

He reached for the elastic waistband, hungry now, almost unconcerned about what the kid decided. He wanted the feel and flavor of Rock's fat cock; it had been days.

"I'll play, if you guys really don't mind."

Rock laughed. "Whatever you want, kid -- whatever you're comfortable with." His lover's laughter faded into a groan, the hand on his head tugging. "Don't tease, Rig -- 's been too long."

"Yeah, Rock." With that he'd lifted up enough to swallow Rock down, pulling hard and fast, tongue sliding over the tip. He gave Rock all he had, fingers rolling the tight balls.

"Fuck, yes!" Rock started thrusting up into his mouth, hand holding him in place as the thick cock went deep.

He groaned, hand pushing inside his jeans to wrap around his cock. Fucking shit, this was good...better than good. Fucking amazing. He sucked harder, pulling Rock deep into his throat.

"Oh yeah, Rig. Fuck, your mouth..." Rock was pushing hard and fast into his mouth -- it wouldn't be long before he shot his load. Rig’s free hand slid around Rock's nuts, tugging gently, one finger pushing behind to stroke the silk-soft skin. Rock grunted and shoved up hard, coming down his throat in long pulses.

Rigger swallowed, humping the couch and shuddering, the combination of his hand and Rock's come sending him over the edge.

"Oh, fuck, Rigger, that was nice." Rock chuckled and the hand on his head slid almost tenderly through his hair. "Missed your mouth."

"Missed your cock." He licked the deflating prick, nibbling and lapping gently. Rock huffed happily, his cock taking a sudden interest in not deflating. He could hear the kid breathing heavy and saw Rock look up and grin.

Turning to look for himself, he could see what was making Rock grin. The kid had his hand down his pants and his gaze was glued to them.

"So kid, you coming to play?" Fuck, but the kid looked good enough to eat. He grinned, two or three times tonight if they played it right. The kid's eyes closed and he made a soft noise, hips jerking as he came.

"Well, he's coming..." Rigger grinned and slid off the couch, slinking across the floor toward the kid, giving Rock a show. He smiled as he moved between the kid's legs, pulling Dick's hand from his shorts and wiping it clean. He couldn't wait until the kid was cleared, to taste his come, compare him to Rock's dark spice. He grabbed Dick's other hand and began to lick and suck, pulling salt and something sweet that was Dick off the kid's skin.

Oh...nice. Almost as nice as the long, thin cock hiding in the kid's pants. "Mm...he tastes good, Rocketman. Looks good, too. Can I keep him?"

Rock chuckled. "He's all yours Rig, as long as you share."

The kid moaned and his eyes popped open, looking dazedly down at Rigger. "You guys are real..." It sounded kind of like a question, like the kid didn't quite believe it.

"You'd better believe it, Dickie-boy." Rigger finished licking the kid's hand and then leaned in for a kiss. "Wanna taste how real, kid?"

"Fuck yes." The kid's eyes fluttered closed and he moved forward, lips tentatively moving against Rigger's.

Rigger grinned, wrapped his hand around the kid's head and kissed him hard and deep, intent on convincing the kid that, one: they were real and two, to stay and play. The kid froze for half a second and then groaned into his mouth, kissing him back hungrily. Strong hands grabbed his arms, holding on tight.

"Fuck, the two of you are hot together." Rock sounded like he was ready for round two. Rig spread his thighs, sighing into the kid's mouth. His hands stayed still -- he didn't want to frighten the kid -- frightened cherries were not fuckable cherries. Rock came and knelt behind him, hard prick poking at the small of his back where his jeans and t-shirt went their separate ways. Rock started sucking on his neck, hands tugging down his jeans. "You gonna let Rigger have all of the sugar, kid?"

The kid stopped kissing him, eyes popping open and looking beyond his shoulder. The kid licked his lips and shook his head and leaned in to meet Rock's mouth. The slutty, happy, porn star sounds happened as soon as Rigger ducked his head to suck on the kid's neck. Oh, those were fucking priceless -- their own little porno right here in the front room -- nice.

The hands on his arms started kneading and then slid up, one cupping his head, the other sliding down along his back, stuttering when it hit skin and then sliding back up under his t-shirt. Rock's hands joined the kid's, pushing his t-shirt up to his pits and then exploring the exposed flesh. He could feel that fucking thick cock sliding against his crease, tip leaving a wet trail.

Rigger moaned into Dick’s skin, hot and hard and...well, kind of fucking sticky, but there'd be time for shower sex later. His free hand started in on the kid's clothes, searching for skin. That made the porno noises louder. Rock broke the kiss with the kid and pulled Rigger's t-shirt right off and helped him lose the jeans entirely.

"You ever done anything like this, Cherry?" Rock asked.

The kid shook his head, eyes fucking huge.

"You wanna do something like this, Dick?" He stole another kiss, just because those lips were temptation themselves.

The kid followed his mouth as the kiss ended, hungry, eager. "Yeah."

"Cool, 'cause you're fucking edible, kid, and I'm hungry." He bent his head to the salt-smooth skin, heading toward a little nipplage. The kid shuddered for him, stomach muscles rolling nicely.

"You're such an impatient fuck," Rock complained, working to get the kid's shirt off completely and then tugging off his pants around Rigger.

"Suck my ass, Rock. I waited for dessert until after supper." Then his lips found the tight nipple and fastened on, sucking happily.

The porno noises were back, the kid whimpering and moaning to beat the band. And he had to admit that when the kid's hips pushed up out of the chair against him, it was a better fucking feeling 'cause they were both naked. Not that he was going to let Rock know he appreciated the fucker's efforts, Rock had a big enough head already. And Hello! It was sliding along his crack with intent.

He groaned, biting down on the kid's nipple just hard enough to send a shock through the shuddering body. His hips pushed back, welcoming the solid, stiff heat of Rock's prick, before sliding away, teasing.

Rock grunted and grabbed his hips, sliding that hard cock along his crack again. "You want it or not, Rigger?"

"Always, Rocketman." He lifted his head, grinning wolfishly at Dick. "Fuck me, man."

The kid's eyes nearly rolled back in his head, a soft moan coming from him.

Rock's lips attached themselves to Rigger's shoulder, biting as the solid cock found a home inside him, pushing until he could feel Rock's hips snug against his butt. He kept looking at the kid, lips open, tongue sliding out to wet his lips. Fuck, Rock felt huge, thick and hot and... "Oh, fuck, Rock...good. So fucking good."

"He's fucking you," the kid breathed, eyes glittering. Then the kid leaned forward and took his mouth, all tongue and teeth and more hunger than expertise.

Later, when Rock wasn't reaming his ass like the man was drilling a goddamned well, he'd teach the kid about kissing. Right now, he'd just ride with it, rocking between cock and tongue with happy abandon.

The kid’s hips were pushing up, sliding that long sweet cock against his belly every time Rock pushed into him.

"Fucking sweet cherry," Rock grunted.

He pulled his lips from Dick's for a second, chuckles full of a bit of desperate passion. "No, Dickcheese, you're fucking the tall Texan. The sweet cherry's waiting his turn." Then Rigger dropped his lips back down onto the kids, tongue thrusting deep.

Rock laughed, hips snapping harder and one hand slid around to pull on his cock. Rigger groaned into Dick's mouth, breath coming faster as he moved. Good. Fucking good. The kid's hands started to slide over his skin, tentative fingertips turning into long, slow strokes over his chest and down to his belly.

Oh, yeah. This was good. He owed Rock big for this find.

"Here, kid, take over." Rock's hand encouraged the kid's to wrap around his prick. The kid's fingers were long and thin and held him too loosely, but Rock was showing the kid what he liked and in a moment Dick had it just about right, leaving Rock to concentrate on fucking him but good.

"Oh, fuck. Yeah, Dick. Yes." He murmured against the kid's lips, eyes closing as they drove him to the fucking moon. Rock's lips fastened around the skin on the side of his neck, pulling in time with the hard thrusts. His body jerked, his orgasm starting down in his toes and moving through his fucking body like electricity.

Rock slammed hard into him, filling him with hot spunk as he shot all over the kid. Dick's hand slowed but didn't stop and the kid was murmuring. "Wow. Holy fucking shit. Wow."

Rigger gasped, licking periodically at the kid's lips, Rock's weight heavy against his back. "Yeah. Wow."

Rock chuckled. "Cherry hasn't even done anything yet and we've blown his mind."

"Just think what he'll do when I suck him off while you fuck him."

"Oh fuck," Dick whispered...

smut fixes everything - just ask the Jarheads


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