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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Smutterday - Three Uncaged

This one was out a couple of weeks ago, but I never shared a smutty excerpt, so here's one!

Shifter Rescue: Three Uncaged

Stripe, Xeno and Shen are three cat shifters who have spent most of their lives in cages at a zoo. They're used to hiding their human selves, being abused and feeling hungry. When they are rescued and brought to the Old Tavern, along with the rest of the shifters at the zoo, the three are put in rooms together.

Unsure if they have just traded one cage for another, the three count on each other for comfort and protection. When they find they can share more than just comfort with each other, they very quickly become a collective. Now if only they knew if they were really safe, maybe they could start a new life together.

Buy links:
Changeling Press

Smutty Excerpt:

He went into the glass enclosure and turned on the taps, yelping and jumping back when he was hit with cold water. It warmed quickly, and soon steam was rising in the enclosed space. He stepped back tentatively under the spray, purring happily when it proved to be hot now.

He stood under the spray, shocked at the sensation of the hot, clean water flowing over his skin -- it felt even better than he remembered. His nipples went hard, as did his cock, the rush of pure pleasure almost overwhelming. It felt as if years of being unclean were being washed away by the water.

“Xeno.” He gasped the name, motioning for the kit to join him. “It is wondrous.”

Xeno came to him in a rush, pushing into his arms without a hint of worry. Stripe wrapped around the slender form, humming at the human contact. So many things they’d been robbed of in their cages, and he wanted to experience them all. As soon as they were safe. For now, this seemed right, seemed safe indeed.

He nuzzled in, nibbling along Xeno’s jaw, looking for one ear. He found it and latched onto Xeno’s earlobe, sucking gently at first, but then strongly. Xeno began to purr for him, soft and steady. Humming in response, Stripe slid his hands along Xeno’s slick flesh. Lean and spare, Xeno moved in his arms like a nymph.

He pushed the lean body up against the tile and pressed against Xeno. He wanted so badly, Xeno making him need. Xeno seemed eager as well, writhing and groaning against him. He slid his hands along Xeno’s sides, stopping at the pointed hips, wrapping his hands around them. His fingers dug into Xeno’s ass as he pulled the kit even closer.

“More.” Xeno nuzzled his collarbones, bit one.

A zing shot through him, taking his entire body. Groaning, he let go of Xeno’s earlobe and moved to bite the kit’s collarbone in return, right where Xeno had bitten him.

Xeno arched, a happy cry splitting the air. Oh, Stripe loved that sound. It had been so long since a loud sound like that had been happy, and it made him moan and hump against Xeno’s body, knocking into him again and again.

His sweet kit grabbed his cock, stroking him eagerly. There was no shyness in Xeno, no hesitation, only pure, unabashed need. Grunting, Stripe grabbed Xeno’s cock and pressed it with his, wrapping both hands around their cocks and Xeno’s hand. Like this he could feel not only Xeno’s hand around his cock, but also the heat and velvet-covered hardness of Xeno’s cock rubbing alongside his own. “Better, yes?”

“Yes. Together. Faster.”

“I like a kit who knows his mind.” He loved that he didn’t have to worry if Xeno was ready, if Xeno wanted this -- the kit made it abundantly clear. Stripe worked them harder, his fingers twisting with Xeno’s.

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