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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Movie Tuesday

Saw a couple movies on Blu-Ray this past weekend - Hitman: Agent 47 and Terminator: Genesys

I expected Agent 47 to be a shoot-em up action movie and it was. There was a bit of a story there, though, and I found both Agents 47 and 99 to be interesting characters. The acting was very well done and it imbued the story with more than it might have otherwise had. It is basically mindless entertainment, though, so don't go looking for more than that if you watch it.

Now for Terminator: Genesys. I have to preface this with a note that I love the Terminator franchise and everything to do with it. I have loved all the movies, I have loved the TV show. It totally hits me in my time-travel paradox sweet spot. I love the stuff that explores time travel and how making changes in the past can affect the future and all the good stuff.

I knew nothing about this movie, aside from the fact that Arnold Schwartzeneggar was in it, which is how I like things. I was also under the impression that it hadn't fared that well in the theatres so I wasn't expecting too much.

I loved it! It has all the things I love about the Terminator movies. I loved seeing this from Kyle's view instead of Sara's. I loved how sending people back changed the future and because the first Terminator was sent back, more followed, some even earlier, so that this time around, Sara is a badass when Kyle first meets her.

I loved "Pops". I loved how.. terminator-like he was. There were a ton of laughs, a lot of action, and a lot of great mind-bending time-travel paradoxy stuff. I totally enjoyed it.

One of my favorite things? How different technology was from 1984 and 2017. We lived through that transition, but Sara and Kyle jumped into it with no reference point. Very cool.

So I recommend both, but I recommend the Terminator movie more than the Hitman one.

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  1. The hubby and I watched Terminator: Genesys last weekend. Like you, we weren't expecting much. We had kept putting off watching it because the reviews didn't give it much praise. So we were surprised by how good it actually was. We ended up loving it, too!

  2. Again we are movie twins. I LOVED Terminator:Genesys! For all the reasons you did. And I'm a DIE HARD original Terminator fan! So glad we were able to see it in the theater!

    Also, love your new background :D